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By Isaac Mozeson



PELT (skin)     PaTSeL       Pey- Tsadi-Lamed
Pah-TSALE                 פצל            [P (Q) L]
ROOTS:  The Indo-European root doctors trace PELT (skin or hide removed from an animal) to pel-4 (skin, hide).  Greek  pelas is skin, and Latin pellis is skin.  But, typically, PLS is rejected in favor of a shorter “root” so they could claim more cognates.  We are to believe that Greek and Latin grew an extra S, and that the Germanic source of FILM grew from a PL/FL root of an ancestral people who lack a shred of evidence.
Alternatively, one can project that these PLS words came from authentic prehistoric (of course Semitic) words: פצל  PaTSeL is to peel or strip (confirmed in Syriac);   פצלה PiTSaLaH, strips on a tree where the bark is off (Genesis 30:37).   

 BRANCHES:  Italian Spelato (bald); spellare (to skin or peel).  The PLS has scrambled into SPL, in what Edenicts call an  M213 metathesis. More Pey-Tsadi-Lamed at PEEL and BASIL.
Cognates listed by the AHD include FELL 3, FILM, PELISSE, PELLICLE, PELTRY and PELTATE.
Sorry, Fernando-Givon-Phil, etc. for this diversion from the Amerind project.  Here in Toronto I'm soon meeting a leader of Italian Secret Jews.  I'm anxious to show her that ALL Italians, all humans, are secret 'Hebrews.'

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