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By Isaac Mozeson

I T A L I A N from E D E N I C, Part II


(Part I via FB/Twitter;  ee 'XYZ' is entry in E-Word Digital Dictionary at

Arrabbiato (angry)  <   ß  עברה [E](V)RaH,  wrath  -- see WRATH
arrangiare   (to arrange) < N ערך [O]RaKH, to arrange 
    -- see ARRANGE
arrestare  (to halt, stop, arrest); arresto (an arrest, stop, halt)
     < M132  עצר ]A[TSahR, restrain  --  see ARREST
arruffi’o  (tangle, jumble) <  ערוב [A]yROOBH, mixture --  see SCRAMBLE
artista (artist, actor) >    ß  יוצר YoTSeR, creator …   צייר TSaYYaR, artist,
     ainter        – see ART
assale (axle)  < S-F, S-L  ציר TSeeYR, axle, axis, pivot, hinge   -- see AUXILIARY

batosta (a blow); battaglia (battle); battaglio (door-knocker) <    בעט Ba’[A]DT or Ba’GHaDT, to strike out at, kick  -- see BEAT
bevanda (beverage); Bibbia (Bible); biberon (feeding bottle) < אבוב ABOOBH,
     hollow reed,     a natural drinking straw, and the source of papyrus and
     aper, the first biblios or books      -- see BIBLE
Bianco (white) < לבן   LaBHaN, white -- see 'ALBIN0'
Bis (encore)  < ב Bais or Bet or Beth, letter and number two
     –see “bi-”  at BOTH

Borgo  (village, suburb) <     בירה BeeYRaH is a town; BahR is a suburb

-- see BOROUGH and  BARRIO

Bimbo, bimba, and bambino (with diminutive suffix) mean male and female child

           Bambola = doll     < N.    בבה BooBaH, doll and the earlier   בבה BaBHaH

          (prized miniature    – Zechariah 2:12 –    see BABY and BAUBLE

Bouro  (deep ditch, watercourse)  <  בור  BOAR is a pit;  באר      B'AiR is a well

       -- see BORE (dig)

Breccia   (breach)  < S-B   S-F  פרץ   PaRaTS, burst through and spread widely

       -- see BREACH and BREACH.

Brio  (full of life, vibrant)   < ברי    BaReeY, healthy -- see BRIO

calla’ia (path);  calle (lane) <  עלהGHaLaH , go [up]… access    [ALLEY]

Canne (cane, reed, pipe… and words like canale) <קנה   QaNeH, reed, cane – see CANE
Carne (meat); carnoso (fleshy) <  S-G  עור GHOAR, flesh
    – see CORIUM
Caro (expensive) <  יקר  YaQaR, dear, expensive
    – see CHERISH
Casa (house)  <  כסה Ka$aH, to cover;  כסוי Ki$OOY, a covering  -- see ENCASE
Caviglia (ankle), thus cavallo (horse) from its hoof < M231  עקב GHaQAi(V), ankle
     – see ANKLE
Cervice (nape, back of neck, cervix)  <    S-G S-B    עורףGHOAReF, back of neck
   – see CERVIX and “SCRUF”
Chiamare (to name), come ti chiami = what is your name? 
    chiama (roll call),   chiamatta (summons)   <  שם SHaiM, name –
    Genesis 2:19 – see ASHAMED
cipola (onion) <  S-B S-F M213  בצל BaTSeL, onion  --  see BASIL
colleto (collar); collo (neck) <  עול GHOAL, yoke (around neck) – see COLLAR
corta  (short)   <   1.כרת   KaRaiT, cutting off or cutting short a life,
     2.  M132 S-D   קצר QaTSahR, short      -- see CURT
coscia  (thigh)  <  שוק  SHOAQ, thigh  -- see SHANK
cuore (heart, soul)    >  עקר  [E]eQoR (root, principal, stump) 
     – see CORE
Cuoco (to cook)  <  S-G, S-G  עוגה GHOOGaH, cookie; עוג
     GHOOG, to bake or cook  [CAKE]
Cupidi’gia (cupidity); cu’pido (greedy, covetous); Cupido (Cupid)
     < חפץ   K[H]aiPHeTS means wish, desire, object (of desire)
      –     see CAPITALISM
curva (a curve); curvare (to curve) < קער Qee’[A]iR, to curve 
   --  see CURVE 

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