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By Isaac Mozeson

I T A L I A N f r o m E D E N I C, Part IV (Roman numerals, eh?)


Ierei (yesterday) (like French hier_ < עבר   [A][V]aR, past – see OVER
I’sola (isle, island), isolamento (isolation), isolanto (islander), isolante
         (isolating),   Isolare (to isolate), isolato (isolated),
        isolatore (insulator), isolazionista (isolationist),  and isoletta (islet)
       <  S-F   זולת ZOOLaT (with the exception of…)  Deuteronomy 1:36
      – see SOLITARY; the intial I is from אי EeY, island 
     (Jeremiah 47:4) —see “ISLAND.”
Lavanderia (laundroma) <  S-B    הלבין  HeeLBeeYN  (to whiten),לבן
       La[V]aN, white –   ee ALBINO
Leopardo (leopard) < a) leo, lion < לביא La(V)eeYE (lion) or S-L 
       ארי  AReeY, lion +   b) ברד BaRoaD, spotted – see LEOPARD
Leggero  (lightweight, mild)   <  ß  S-G    קל     QahL, light, quick, mild
     -- see 'LIGHT   (not heavy)'
Lento (slow) < N.לאט    L’AhDT (slow) – see LATE
lucciare, to glitter; luccichi‘o, a sparkle; luce, window; lucente, shining;
     lu’cido,  a shine, gloss or polish    <  ß  גחל GaK[H]oaL, to glow
    -- see 'LIGHT'
madama (lady); Madonna (lady) <  S-N  feminine of   אדון ADOAN, lord
      – see “MADONNA
maggiore (an elder, major, greater, larger, older); maggiorenne, of age
     <  M213  S-L  גמל  GaMaL means to ripen,   mature, or grow large. 
       It only means a baby   eing “weaned” in Genesis 21:8.
maja, sorceress; magi’a, magic; ma’gico, magical; mago, wizard,
     magician, sorcerer   < מג  MahG, sorcerer [MAGIC]
malafede (bad faith); maldicente  (slanderer); male (evil, sin);
     malfattore (criminal);   malfido  (unreliable, tricky); mali’zia 
    (trick, cunning); malo (bad, wicked);    malversazione 
   (embezzlement)     <  מעל Ma’[A]L,fraud, breach of faith,
    treachery -- see MALIGN (mal as 'ill' is later)
mare (sea, the brine … or salty ocean)  <  מר MahR, bitter – see MARINE
materasso (mattress) < B. Arabic <    מטה MeeDTaH, (n.) couch, bed;
     (adj.) beneath    – see MAT
Me (me), mia (my), mi (me), miei (my)  <  S-N   אני ANeeY, me 
    -- see ME
Minore (minor), Minuto (minute), etc. <   מיןMiN, from, … from the larger whole – see MINUS
 Mutismo (dumbness, silence); muto (mute)  < ß  S-D   דםDoaM
      (to be silent; stillness);       דמם DaMuM is to be silent;   
    דממה   DiMaMaH (stillness, silence, whisper)  --  see MUTE

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