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By Isaac Mozeson

Haunted by an Etymology for ECTOPLASM? Who Yah Gonna Call? The Indo-European Ghost- (Myth) Buster


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ECTOPLASM     K[H]OOTS  + Pe$eL      Het-Vav-Tsadi + Pey-Samekh-Lamed
KHOOTS_  חוץ     __[KH-OO-T(S) à  CT]       +        PES-elle   פסל      [PSL à PLS]
ROOTS:  a) ECTO- is a combining form meaning “outside” from Greek ekto- and ektόs (outside).
The pretend IE “root” is eghs or eks (out).  The many EX- words are seen at EXIT.

חוץ  K[H]OOTS  means the outside (Genesis 24:31) or exterior.
b)  The IE “scholars” want Greek plassein, to mold,  to mean “spreading out” so they can include many PL words (see below) together with words like “field” and “plane” in another absurdly vague and inclusive “root” … this one called pelƏ-2 (flat; to spread).  PL “flat” words are at PLAZA.  

       Although Biblical Hebrew has a separate word for “molding” graven images, there is no reason why the pre-Greeks could not “recall” the common “graven image”  word  פסל Pe$eL – even though the verb implies sculpting or carving, not pouring a molten liquid into a mold.  After all, they also metathesized PSL to PLS after the apparent neuro-linguistic Big Bang of language diversity at Shinar/Sumer/”Babel.”

BRANCHES:  a)  ECTO- occurs in scientific and technical words like ECTODERM or ECTOPLASM (the OUTER part of a cell’s cytoplasm).  See CYTO-  at CADDY or KIT.  Best known, sadly, is the combining form  -ECTOMY for surgically EXCISING or taking OUT a body part.  May the HYSTERECTOMY (see ART) go the way of the TONSILLECTOMY.

b) Alleged cognates of PLASM include –PLASIA, PLASMA, -PLAST, PLASTER, PLASTIC (see PLASTIC), PLASTID and –PLASTY.

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