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By Isaac Mozeson



new entry in The E-Word Digital Dict., thanks to an Aztec bug.

GUZZLE     K[H]a$ahL      Het-Samekh-Lamed
Kha-SULL______חסל ______[KH-S-L à  GZL]
ROOTS:   GUZZLE (to drink greedily) is from origin unknown.
חסל K[H]a$ahL is a verb of quick and utter devouring, attached to locusts in Deuteronomy 28:38.

 חסיל  K[H]a$eeYL is a species of locust (I Kings 8:37).   The post-Biblical חסול  K[H]ee$SOOL means liquidation.  The original fuel GUZZLERS were bugs, not cars. 

A liquid shift away is חסר K[H]a$eR (lacking) and חסר  K[H]e$eR, want, poverty.

 גזל GeZeL means theft or plunder (Proverbs 22:22). The sound correspondence is stronger, no guttural and fricative shifts are needed. This remains a number two theory of emetology, since stolen things are not necessarily GUZZLED.  Nor are GUZZLED things necessarily stolen.

BRANCHES:  Nahautl (Aztec)   conchili, a nasalization (extra N), is  a type of locust or grasshopper. [FA]  


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