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By Isaac Mozeson

A S Q U A L L in the forecast


SQUALL     $aGHaR        Samekh-Ayin-Resh
S'CAR_______סער    _______[S-KH-R à  SQL]
ROOTS:  SQUALL has no Indo-European “root.”  The bigger dictionaries can only offer 'probably of Scandinavian origin;' Webster’s cites Icelandic skvala, to shout. 

 SQUALL, a violent wind storm usually with rain, echos  Samekh-Ayin-Resh,   סער  $aGHaR  (with a liquid shift to SQL) in Jonah 1:4...  'But the Lord cast a mighty wind upon the sea, and such a great tempest came upon the sea that the ship was in danger of breaking up.' Three verses down the term is rendered 'storm.' 

Like  שער Shin-Ayin-Resh  elow, סער $aGHaR or Sa’[A]R is a verb of storming.
Once again, the existence of a spelling variation (here: frictives ס Samekh orש  Sin) indicates that Music is Meaning… not that scribal errors were made by ancient human editors of the Hebrew Bible that were so clever that they fooled computer studies that concluded that the Hebrew Bible had one writer.

שעיר S'[A]'eeYR or SaGHeeYR is a rain shower -- see SHOWER. 
    שערה   S'GHaRAh is a storm or tempest in Nehemiah 1:3., related to a verb of storming and raging (Isaiah 28:2).  שעירים  S'GHeeYReeYM (light rains—Deuteronomy 32:2 ) might be more of an antonym than a synonym, as the rain is less intense.  

Storm-clouds in Hittite (extinct IE) are sarayar and saraun.    Akkadian sharu is wind.
For fricative-liquid-guttural precipitation of a different  sound sequence and temperature, see   שלג   SHeLeG,  snow  at  SLEIGH.

BRANCHES:  שערה S’GHaRaH or S’[A]RaH has certainly fallen over the New World.
Fernando Aedo finds several fricative-guttural-liquid “rainstorm” words in Amerind languages:
Pouring rain or boiling water  saari (Huitoto Murui: Witoto of Peru)
 Rain chirja (Maya: Ch’ol) M132
Rain ooksoreh  (Catawba: Siouan)
Rain suckra (Delaware: Algonquian )
Rain siál (Maya: Chicomuceltec) guttural dropped, S-L
Rain  sù-ke-laan (Munsee: Algonquian)
Rain  tät-sö-rö (Pawnee: Caddoan)
Rainshower  chirapa  -- Quechua (Inca)
Rainstorm cuhuúru (Skiri: Pawnee)
Storm choqí (Maya: Chicomuceltec) end-liquid dropped
Wind,  whirlwind saxra (Maya: Aymara) x = guttural
Winter, storm-time koshserage (Mohawk: Iroquian) M132

   See SHOWER and SOAK.
only rain as blessing

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