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By Isaac Mozeson



You are a) drunk or soaked with Western “wisdom,” or b) sadly ignorant
 if you think that your dictionaries know more about the word SOAK than
 the students of Edenics (Proto-World  language attested by Biblical Hebrew
 and ancient Semitic).

The greatest authorities of word origins say that there was an Aryan (later: “Indo-European”) root for the word SOAK that they reconstruct as seue (to take liquid). The purveyors of make-believe etymology also have the IE “root” teng  to mean SOAK.

You are invited to compare the swill you are sold with a sip of Edenics EMeTolgy:

סך $aKH is to anoint (Ruth 3:3—to drench or SOAK in oil, etc.);
 יצק   YaTSoaQ is to pour liquid.  The imperative, Tsadi-Koof,  צקTSoaQ (“pour”) is in II Kings 4:41.
   משח MaS(H)aK[H] (source of MESSIAH) is to anoint (both appear in Leviticus 8:12
The stem of the anointing verb, similarly, is just Shin-Het.   אשחה AhSK[H]eH in Psalms 6:7 is translated as “I water” (KJV) or “I drench” (new JPS) … “my bed in tears.”  The better Bible of the future will render this: “I soak…”
שכור   SHeeKOOR is a drunk, an intoxicated person or a SOAK – see “SAKI.”
    (Genesis  9:21).
 שקה  S(H)aQaH is to water or irrigate (Genesis 21:19).
שקע  SHaQ[A]h is to dip, be submerged or immersed in water (Jeremiah 51:64).   
                          שרקות  FRICATIVES  גרון  GUTTURALS 

 Here is a whole family of (whistling) fricative and (throaty) guttural SOAK words.
There are subtle differences, but the theme is wet by sub-roots of four different spellings. In Edenic, sound trumps spelling, and Edenic is saturated with sound-alike “synonyms.”   For a fricative-guttural “antonym” of dryness, see “SACK (dry).” Dry grass is קש QahSH (hay), Shin-Koof reversed.

If Semitic weren’t “ruined” by the hated Jews, the academics may have looked to Semitic for the roots of words. Especially since irrigation, agriculture and literacy began in the Middle East.   In Aramaic SaQiya and SuQaya are an irrigating canal and a drinking place. To give drink, there’s Akkadian shaqū, Arabic saqāy, Ethiopic saqā, Ugaritic shqy, etc.

Our SOAK entry has S-K watering words even from the New World.  But the dry, self-absorbed white historical linguists insist that words evolved from apes, but white words, it seems, came from isolated, better groomed white monkeys.


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