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By Isaac Mozeson

When You Look Up to the STARS, Do You See Order or Chaos?


SIDERE(AL)   $eeDaiR    Samekh-Dalet-Resh
SEE-DARE________סדר    ____________[SDK]
ROOTS:  SIDEREAL means pertaining to or determined by the stars.  For millennia the CONSTELLATIONs were seen as cosmic order.  Modern atheists later invented chaos.  ASTRO-physicists now determine a point of Big Bang Creation based on the light/distance of STARs.

The AHD’s IE “root” for SIDEREAL is  sweid ( 'shine'). A fricative-dental-liquid etymon provides better sound and sense. In Aramaic-Syriac סדר     $iDair means “he arranged, put in order;”  סדר SayDeR, order, appears in the Bible only in Job 10:22.

SUTURE is the line on which sewing is done, echoing  סדר $ayDeR,  a row or arrangement. SUTRA is a thread in Sanskrit, and is the term used for the scriptural narratives in Buddhism. Aramaic  סדרא $’DRAh is a series, and  סדרא $iDRaH means a portion in the Hebrew scriptural narrative. Considering the S-DT-R terms above, SIDEREAL (of the stars or constellations) would suggest that Latin sideris (star) is a constellation, arrangement or row (of stars).

For further proof that sideris infers a constellation and not an individual star, note the IE “root” for SIDEREAL.  Although the AHD  defines IE sweid as 'shine,' the derivatives CONSIDER (which meant 'observe stars carefully') and DESIRE (which meant 'to await from the stars' according to the AHD) have astrological connotations.

 Astrological CONSIDERATIONS involve the  סדר $eeDOOR (order, arrangement) of stars, clusters and their סדר   $ayDeR (regular, orderly) STELLAR movements. A סדור   $eeDOOR or prayer-book contains the arrangement of prayers. A Passover סדר SEDER is an ordered, ritual meal. For disorder, or disarranged Samekh-Dalet-Resh, see “ABSURD.”

BRANCHES: STAR is then influenced by Sin-Dalet-Resh, by   שדרה SHiDayRaH (row) and by other more astrologically charged terms likeסתר   $ayTeR (hidden; related to ESTHER),   אשתרתASHToReTH (I Kings 11:5 - ASTARTE worship – to close to EASTER for some),  משטר MeeSHDTaiR (to rule -   for fricative-dental-liquid legal order,  ee SATRAP.   ) and שלט SHaLADT (to rule) -   ee SULTAN). 

These terms recall the ancient belief that the STARS STEER us, rather than our steering by the stars. Greek aster (star) gives us ASTERISK, ASTEROID, ASTRAL, and many ASTRO- words from ASTRONAUT and ASTRONOMY to ASTROPHYSICS. Greek aster does not sound as much like  סדר     $eDeR  as the Persian/Farsi word for star, asterisk or fortune: setâre. The Persians were mapping the stars (and before the Greeks, the cultural heroes of Indo-Europeanists, had borrowed letters from Semites.

More fricative-dental-liquid order at “DORSAL.  Bengali soūnryô, beauty, looks like nasalized Edenic “order.”    When an Israeli says that he’s  בסדר B’$ayDeR it means that he’s OK, in order, in good health.
סדר  $ayDeR, with only a fricative shift, appears in the “health” words like Czech zdravi,   Polish  zdrowie, Russian  zdrovye  and Serbo-Croatian zdravlje --  ee HEALTH. 

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