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By Isaac Mozeson

Flowing down the Queen Eliz. Way from Toronto to N I A G R A


NIAGARA           NaGaR            Noon-Gimel-Resh

Na-GUHR __________נגר____________[N-G-R]

ROOTS: The geological NIAGARA period is named from the massive Niagara Falls on the U.S.– Canada border near Buffalo, NY.  Niagara is a name from the local Indians.  Onguiaahra  appeared on documents as early as 1641, and  later this was written as Ongiara. As with most etymologies from Native American, there is a wide divergence of theories.  The “more romantic meaning' of the name is the “Thunder of Waters. '

 In Edenic   נגר NaGaR means to flow, pour or run; (II Samuel 14:14 has water “poured out” on the ground, “spilt” in the KJV).  [Link by Chayah Sarah Cohen].

  נחלNa[K]HaL is a stream - Deuteronomy 2:13 - see 'CATSKILL.'

נהר NaHaR is a river or stream (Isaiah 6:12).


BRANCHES:   Japanese nagare 流れ  is to flow as a stream.

נהר NaHaR is a river or stream (Isaiah 6:12).

  נחלNa[K]HaL is a stream - Deuteronomy 2:13 - see 'CATSKILL.'

A river in Arabic is nahr; in Turkish its nehir.  Korean heuleum 흐름 may be an M231 S-N of נהר NaHaR.

  The Indonesian river, kali, is from  נחל  NaK[H]aL,  as in the guttural-liquid heard in COULEE, GHYLL, GILL and GULLY.

 More “flowing” words at ARCHIPELAGO,  INERT and RHINOCEROS.

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