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By Isaac Mozeson



 In the above YouTube, you may skip ahead to 9:30 minutes to see a small clay seal of purity IN BOXY TORAH SCRIPT (so-named Ktav Ashurit).  The dating and nature of this ancient seal is certainly from the elite guardians of the sacred Temple who'd never use the vulgar Semitic glyphs for a seal of kedushah (holiness) ... readable only by themselves.

 Did they invent a script miraculously that would only exist centuries later?  Of course not. They are using the sacred script that is normally never used, and which the lay public could no longer even read.

In 'The Origin of Speeches' I argue that the straight, boxy script made for hammer and chisel into rock obviously came before the curvy glyphic Hebrew script 

(misnamed: 'Paleo-Hebrew'), which uses a much-later quill + inkjet technology.

Humans, those who knew a phonetic script existed (but was hidden by scribes as the masses opted for foreign culture), make a wavy line to indicate Mayim (water). The Creator of water needs no graphic. מ  is no (forbidden) depiction of nature. 


I hope this buries the Paleo-Hebrew believers under tons of rubble.

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