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By Isaac Mozeson

M A P U C H E , an isolate of Chile --- an isolate ?!



aliweṉ (native tree) <   אילן   EeYLaN   [ELM]


ant,  sun ; antu, day <     הנץHaNeTS (shining) is always the

    crimson  'shining of the  sun' or  early dawn.  נצח  NeTSa[K]H,

    to make brilliant, to shine;  blood-red.  The Latin nasal-dental

   (nose and lip made) word for morning is matin   [MATINEE]


are,  hot  <   חרה  [K]HaRaH, burn  [IRE]


calel, hill <  סולם  $OOLahM, macadamized ramp [SLALOM]


faw, here  <   פה  S-B פה  PoaH, here  [OF]


 lhamilh, they <    הם HaiM, they [THEM]X


Iñ,  our   <  אנו ANOO,  we  [NOSTRATIC]X


Iñche,  I  <    אנוכי  ANOAKHeeY (formal I);   אני  ANeeY, I  [ME]


iñchiw, we  <   אנחנו ANaKHNOO, we [ME]X


1 iney , who   <  S-N  מי  MeeY, who ? (Genesis 24:65) 


iyael,  eat  <  S-G   אכל  OAKHaiL, eat  [EAGLE]X


kachu, grass  <  עשב GHaiSe(V), grass [ASSASSIN]X


karü,  green <ß    ירק   YeReQ, greenness  [GREEN]


katrün, cut <  קצר QaTSeeR, cutting short, harvesting); כרת   

    KaRahT  (to cut off, separate).  [CUT]X


fürkü, cold  <   M231   כפור KFOAR, frost… frosty  [FROST]X


küdaw, to work  <  M132  S-B,  S-G   עבוד GHaBHoaD, to work 



kuram, egg   <  M213   רחם  ReK[H]eM, womb [MERCY]X


kure, wife   <  יקר YaQaR, dear  [CHERISH]X


kütral, fire   < קטורה QiDToRaH is a slow, smokey fire 



kurü, black  <   שחור  SHaK[H]OAR, black   [OBSCURE]X


küwü, hand <  S-B  כף KahF, palm of hand [CUFF]X


lemu, forest   < S-N     אילן  EeYLaN   [ELM]X


luku, knee  <  כרע    KeR[A], knee [CROUCH]X

   In Hawaiian (reversed), kuli is a knee.


mamüll, stick  <  ß  S-N   אילן  EeYLaN   [ELM]

                  see: lemu, mamill and  aliweṉ


leuvá, river   <  ß  יובל   YOO(V)aL, stream [ARCHIPELAGO]

       Norwegian elv is a river; the Elba is a Central European river.


mamill, (generic) tree; füṉmamüll, fruit (lit: the seeds of a tree)

      < ß  S-N   אילן  EeYLaN   [ELM]


meu with <  ß   עם  [E]eM, with [COMMON]X

                Greek: me με , with.


müpü, wing  <   S-N    כנף K’NaPH, wing  [CANOPY]X


 ge eye  <  ß  עין   GHaYiN eye [EYE] X


piuke, tomach  <   ß  S-B  קבה QayBHaH, stomach.X

         [  CAVITY]


 tapül,  leaf  < M132 S-L  טרף      DTeReF  [TROPHY]X


trawa, skin  <   ß    עור  [OWR], skin   [CORIUM]


trekan,  walk < דרך  DeReKH (road, way, journey);. דרג  DaRahG is to advance;   דרך DaRahKH (to march, step, tread)  [TREK]


trolüf, tree bark  <  טרף  DTeReF  [TROPHY]

        See tapül (liquid added to differentiate this)


trom, cloud   <  M132 תמור  TaMOOR, high column of smoke

                (Joel 3:3)

trufür, dust; trufken, ash   < עפר    [A]hFahR, dust; אפר

          AyFeR,  ashes [FRIABLE[X


umagn, sleep  < ß נום  NOOM, slumber   [NUMB]


 ufisa,  heep  < S-G   כבש KeBHeS or  (ß) כשב    KeSeBH sheep    



waria, city  <  S-B בירה BeeYRaH, a large, fortified city



 i welu (??)  ut  <   S-B   אבל Ah(V)ahL, but 


zef, rope    <  P’(S)eeYL, string  seek cognate at  [FUSE]


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