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By Isaac Mozeson



BUTCHER     BahSahR     Bet-Sin-Resh

bus-ARE        בשר         [BSR à BCHR]

ROOTS: BUTCHER is from Old French bouchier.  In modern French boucher (butcher)  echoes a fricative- like S, not a guttural like G. Nonetheless, the so-called  IE “root” is guessed to be bhugo, absurdly meaning  “a male  animal.”    Edenic has four etymons with better sound and sense.   

1.  בשר    BaSaR means meat or 'flesh” (Genesis 2:21).  As seen in שאר  SHi’AiR (Psalms 73:26, 78:20), the  ש-ר Shin-Resh sub-root can mean flesh or food.  Punic שאר  SHi’AiR only means “flesh.”  See   BURSAR  and SARCASTIC.

2.  For an alternative with better music and meaning than the AHD’s source of BUCK (that tougher “male animal” above) , there’s    בתר Ba(S)aR or BaTaR.  It means to cut or divide (as the pieces of animal flesh in Genesis 15:10).  Alternative etymons 3. and 4.  below involve actions of the butcher, and lack only the final-Resh/R of what could be an –er suffix.


בשר_קצב_טבח_בתר.doc Download this file

BRANCHES:   The French meat seller is more likely a meat word, than an animal one.  Similarly, the Spanish butcher, carnicero, is from carnal, meat terms, not animal ones.  The Scandinavian “butcher” words similarly mean “slaughterer.”   Apparently, cattlemen and butchers developed separate professions a long time ago.

  English FLESH is from the German. German Fleisch (meat) has undergone a bilabial shift from ב Bet/ B to F, a liquid shift from ר  Resh/ R to L,  lus an M132 metathesis of בשר  BaSaR (flesh). 

Thirdly: The Hebrew butcher is a  קצב QaTSaBH (a chopper -- Genesis 41:40), much like the Albanian and Turkish butcher, kasap.  Lithuanian kapoti is to hew or chop, an M132 metathesis.  Reversing the  Bhet-Tsadi of the קצב QaTSaBH  can sound like B-T-CH.

Fourthly:  טבח  DTaBHaK[H] means to slaughter cattle (Exodus 21:37); טבח   DTaBHahK[H] is a butcher or  cook. ט  Tet/DT does not offer the CH in BUTCHER. But swap positions of the  ב  Bhet and ט  Tet, and one gets  BH-DT-K[H] or what easily becomes B-T-CH.   

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