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By Isaac Mozeson

IT HAPPENED AT SHINAR/ S U M E R (referenced as the much later Babel)


 Sumerian from Edenic -- with Schreyer Waclaw, Fernando Aedo


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abba  father, elder < אבא אב    AhBH, father, originator;

    Aramaic ABBAh, daddy  [ABBOT]

alam   dream<  חלום [K]HaLOAM (dream)  [DORM]

alim   deer  < איל  AYahL. stag, hart (male deer) [ELK

ama    mother < אם ,אמא  AiM, EeMAh, mother, mama [MAMA]

ang  to burn < נגה NoGaH, to glow, shine brightly [IGNITION]

apin  plow   <   פנים PiNeeYM, interior .. source of PIN [PENETRATE

apsu    immeasurable depths or void) <  אפסEPHe$ (zero, nothing) [ABYSS]

asa, az   myrtle tree; asal, asar  poplar tree < עץ   [A]iTS,  tree

    [ASH TREE]

bal   indle  < בלל  BaLaL, to mix, stir, knead [BALL]

bala  1. carry <  העביר H’[E]BHeeYR   [FERRY;

        2. transgress (the terms of an  agreement) <

     S-L  עברה ABHeRaH        [ABERRATION] ;

         3. to rotate, to turn over  < בלל  BaLaL, to mix, stir, knead


bar  wild, feral:  ur-bar is a wolf, a feral  dog <  בר BahR, wild,

    of the field      [BARRIO

bara  king <  אביר ABeeYR, overseer, political and military 'Mighty One'


bargal  sheep   <    M132 בקר  BaQaR, cattle  [BUCKAROO]        

bil  boil   <  S-L  בער Bo[A]iR , burn  [BURN]   

buli  friend  < S-L  חבר [K]HaBHeR, friend  [ALGEBRA]

bulug  to rear, raise a child  < M132 S-L בגר  BaGahR, to come of

    age,   grow up [BIG

bur, buru   hole, mine, bore  <  בור   BOAR, pit [BORE]

dug  good  <  ß  גד GahD,  fortune  [GOOD]

chalb   frost and freezing < S-G  S-L S-B   חרף K]H[oaReF, winter;

      קר  QahR, cold  [HIBERNATE]

edakua   fish bones < S-G  דגה  DaGaH, fish [HADDOCK]

e-gal  great house  < S-G   היכל  HaYKHahL,  alace or temple [HALL]

ei.ze  heep < עז [A]iZ, goat [GAZA

eren    a cedar-like shade tree  < S-L  אילן EeYLahN, hardy shade

   tree     [ELM]

duri   male; (to be) virile. [ Akkadian zikaru] < D-from-Zayin  זכר

    ZaKHaR, male [DAGGER, MALE]

ga  milk  < S-G  חלב K[H]aLaBH (milk)

ĝal 1. to be there, at hand, available; 2.  ĝal, to open < גלה  GaLaH,

  reveal,   make visible (Isaiah 16.3)

ĝal  to guard, protect <  (L-from-Noon, as No-from- LO N/L shift)

    הגן  HaGeN, to protect [JANUARY

gala  riest   < גלח GaLa[K]H, to shave... thus priest who shaved

   their heads       [GALYAK

gashu intelligent  < S-G חשב   K[H]aSHahBH, to think, figure,

   reason    [GUESS]

gir  knife  < חרב  K[H]eRe(V), sword  [HARPOON]  

halan  destoy  < S-N, S-L חרם [K]HaRahM, destroy

hiritum  ditch  < חר  [K]HoaR, hole   [HOLLOW

ibira   to create,  produce < ברא BaRAh,  create  [FACULTY]

igara  heron < S-G  גרון  GaROAN, throat  [EGRET[

itu, ud, ud-(d)a “time” and “occasion” words  < S-D   עת [E]T,

   eriod of    time, season [ETERNAL]

kauso, bowl  <  כוס  KOA$, cup

ka-zal   to cheer, to laugh <  ß  צחק TSa[K]HaQ, to laugh [CHUCKLE 

kar   sword   <חרב   K[H]eRe(V), sword  [HARPOON] see gir

kur  mountain, highland <  S-G הר HahR, mountain, hill;

     Aramaic Gahl, mountain, hill [OROLOGY]

kur  to become strange < גר GaiR, strange [MIGRATE

-kur  circle  < S-G  S-L עגל  [A]GoaL, round;   גלגל  GahLGahL,

  wheel     [GYRE]

  lib  is (to be) rich, well-off < S-B    רב RaBH  [RIFE]

ma  oth water and origin <   refix מ- Mee- or Mai- (from, of);

    Aramaic   מיא MahYAh, water; מי  MaY, the waters of;

      מיםMaYiM, waters [MAMA]

Mal  chest, box  <  ß S-N, S-L ארון AROAN, chest, box [URN]

Mashudagu   half fish-half goat, the Sumerian source of the Capricorn

    un-sign  < B.? (borrowed)  דגה  DaGaH, fish [HADDOCK] see edakua

nangan  carpenter < N  נגר NaGahR, carpenter [KNOCK

par   dust   <   עפר  [A]PHaR, dust [FRIABLE]

pes   emen < ß  S-B S-F   זב   ZaBH, a flow, discharge,

   ecifically a   eminal discharge [SEEP]

saĝki  forehead   <  S-F  מצח    MayTSa[K]H, forehead  [ANTECEDENT]

sikaru  beer <  שכר  SHayKHahR, intoxicating drink [SAKI]

šu  hand  <  ß אחז  A[K]HaZ, to grasp, hold  [HAS

sum  give  < 1. שם SahM, to put, lay, set;

    2. מוסר  ß   Ma$ahR, to deliver

sunin, sun  old, rot or past  <   ישן YoSHeN is oldness; נושן  NOASHahN    is old or inveterate  [SENILE]

Tar  disease <  צרה TSaRaH, distress… malady [SORE]

Taru  ox <  Aramaic   תור TOAR (bull) shows a typical Aramaic

      T-from-Edenic-SH change, as the Edenic bull is a  שור SHOAR.

      The S-R word has profound meanings, the T-R word is a meaningless

       corruption  [TAURUS]

Ur  lion or any carnivore <   אריAReeY  [ARYAN

urgu  anger < 1. רגז   RoaGaiZ, agitated, enraged [RAGE ;

   2. ß  S-G     חרה  [K]HaRaH, anger  [IRE]

Uru  city  <   עיר  [E]eYR, city  [URBAN

zum, tie <  צמת   TSoaMeT, to join, attach and the adj. together ;

   צמד TSaMaD is to attach or join  [SEAM]


Afterword: later corruptions truncate the better-defined original. 



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