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By Isaac Mozeson



father   baba   <   אב ,  אבא AhV, ABAh, father, daddy    [ABBOT]


fatty, oily, greasy    charb  <  S-L  חלב  K[H]ayLeBH  fat or fatty oils


fence, hedge  parchin <  פרכת PaRoKHeT (curtain( [BREAK]


fig   tín <     תאנה   Te’ENaH    fig, fig tree [FIG]


finished  tamām  <   תמם TaMahM, finished  [TIME]


five  panj  <  M231  חפן  K[H]aPHahN, handful  [PUGNACIOUS]


fog  meh  <  ß   S-N  ענן GHaNaN, cloud  [FOG] 


fort  baru  < בירה BeeYRaH (capital city, castle, fort) [BOROUGH]


fox  rubâh <  M231  כלב  KeLeBH, canine  [LOBO]


friend  rafiq, friend, mate, buddy < ß  S-B  חבר  K[H]aBHeR (partner,

       friend  [ALGEBRA]


full  -- see absolute


funny (person) shukh <  S-F  צחק    TSa[K]HeQ, laugh, make mirth



gift, donation, endowment   hebbe < S-B  הב  HaBH, give ]GIVE]


good  faydeß     S-B     טוב DTOABH (good)  [GOOD]


ground – see earth


hallucination, delirium   hazyân  <  חזון [K]HaZOAN, vision [HAZE]  


head, top, end   sar <  ß ראש  ROaSH, head  [SIRE]


heart  ghalb <     לב  LaiBH, heart   [LOVE]


hero  pahlavan (as in Shah Riza Pahlavi) < ß  S-B S-G  S-L    גבור

      GiBHoaR, hero,   mighty one.  The 2 syllables are reversed:

      1. HP from Gimel-Bhet, 2. VL from Bhet-Resh.


hook  changak < N S-G  חכה  [K]HaKHaH or K[H]eeKHaH, fishhook



man  <  אני  ANeeY, I (1st person pronoun)  [ME


into   be < ‘ ב B’ with, in, by  (Genesis 1:1, 1st letter) [BY]


irrigation  âbyâri (ab = water) <  יאר Y’OwR, canal [RIO]


joke, fun, humour  shukhi < צחק  TS’oaK[H], laugh, sport; shukh, funny,

     joker  [CHUCKLE]


kindness – see “mercy”


 kiss  boose بوسه  ; busidan, to kiss  <   ß   שפה SaPHaH, lip    [BUSS]


land – see earth


 lion  shir <   S-L שחל  SHaK[H]aL (lion  --  Hosea 5:14)  [SLUG]


loose   shol  <  ß של  SHahL! Loose! [LOOSE, SLACK] –

   see “Weak” below


like  --   ee Similar


little, tiny, detail   riz <  ß   צער   TS[O]aR, tiny, insignificant  [ZERO]

   See Atom


loose, soft, lenient  shol <  של SHahL, loosen!  [LOSE]


materials, bodies, substances   ajsâm < S-F   גשמי   GaSHMeeY, physical,

     corporeal, worldly [MUNDANE]


memory  yād  <  יד YahD, memorial, monument (II Samuel 18:18;

    יד ושם is in Isaiah 56:5)   [JET]


mercy  marhamat رحمت    <  B  רחם Ra[K]HeM, have mercy;  רחמנות

    Ra[K]HMaNooT, mercy. <  רחם, Re[K]HeM, womb, the womb is the

    ource of “woman” (womb-man, person with the body and spirit to

   mercifully nurture.  Mercy does beat within the Persian heart, and,

   with the help of Edenics, they will see that, we are ALL ONE FAMILY) .


message   paydâm; messenger, prophet  paydâmbar <   ß S-B S-N

      ניב   NeeYBH is an expression or speech; נבא  NaBHAh is to utter

     or  proclaim; נביא  NaBHeeYE is a prophet   [PHONETIC]


minus  menhâ < מן  MeeN, from the larger whole [MINUS]


minute  daqiqe  B Arabic  daqiqa <  דקה  DaQaH, minute < דק DahQ,

   precise, thin,   minute (adj.) [TACTICITIAN]


monkey   maimon <  מנה  MaNaH, to count, done with the hand

    (mana in Spanish, where monkey is mono…as this animal

     has a human-like hand.  [MONEY]


mother  dar (“dar” like “ther” in English is the suffix for family members

   like father  and brother)  <  ß  אם  EM, mother [MAMA]


name   esm  < S-F  שם SHaiM, name ]SAME[



 oath, agreement   ahd. < S-D   אות OWT [OATH]


old – see Elderly


on, top, face   ru <  S-L  על  [A]hL, on, upon, height  [SCALE]


overseer   ázar            <צר     NaTSaR, to guard, watch


pig     chook  <   S-G  חוג  [K]HOOG, circle  [HOG]


poison, venom   zahr  <  ß  S-F    ארס ERe$, poison, venom  [ARSENIC]


poor, abject (very poor), weak   zalil  < Z-from-Tsadi shift also seen in

     Spanish…       דלל DaLaL, weak, thin, poor [DILUTE] see Earth/Zamin


pubis  zehâr < S-F שער  S’[A]yahR or S’GHayahR, hair  [CIRRUS]

       See Beard

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