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By Isaac Mozeson



rebel   shureshi; riot, revolt, uprising   shuresh < S-F סורר  $OAReR,

       rebellious;  שרש   SHeyRahSH, to uproot  [SOURCE


region   diyâr  ß  S-D ארץ    AReTS, country, land  [EARTH]


reward   kabat  < עקב    [E]yQeBH,  result, reward   [CAVEAT[


river  rood  <    ירד YaRaD,  descend, as Jordan named for flowing

    down [KE]


same – see Equal


seven-day period  sanbe  < N 1. שבוע SHaBHOO[A]h, week (7 days), which

    is why Sunday is yekshanbe, same for all weekdays ; 2.   שבת  SHaBahT, Sabbath   [SABBATICAL]


shower   doosh  <  ß אשד  ESHeD, falling water   [DOUCE]


similar to, like   mesl-e < משל MaSHahL, parable, resemblance



Single, as in single room  tecki < ß   אחת  AK[H]aT, one  [EACH]    [RW]


Straight, true, upright, right  râst; râst guyi – truthfulness; straight;

     râsti, direction;   râste, row;   râste, class, rank;  râsti, truth, honesty

     < ישר YaSHaR, straight, honest, right;  ישר YoaSHeR, honesty, uprightness;


       IM:  If Farsi ST comes from Shin (normally a dental more than a fricative)



Sorrow, gloom, grief  qosse < ß  S-F צוק  TSOOQ, distress;

      צוקה  TSOOQaH, afliction    [SICK]



Substances – see Materials


Sunday – see  “Seven day period”


swallowing  bal’  <  בלע  BaL[A]h, to swallow, devour   [BALEEN]


to, up to  tā. <  ß  S-D  עד  [A]hD, up to  [TO]


tomb   boq’e <  ß   קבר   QeBHeR, grave  [GRAVE]


too – see  Also

top, end – see Head


treasure (Old Persian) ganza < גנז  GaNaZ is to hide and secure,

  גנז GayNeZ  are storage chests (Ezekiel 27:24), and the

  word came to mean a king’s  treasury (Esther  3:9).    [MAGAZINE]


true – see Straight


tune  âhangנגון   NiGOON, melody <  נגן NaGahN, to play a musical

      instrument  [KNOCK]


two   do <  Aramaic   דו DOO, two  [DUO]



useless, vain    abbas  <   ß שוא SHahVE, vanity, nothingness [SCHWA]



way  rah <  Dalet/D dropped from דרך DeReKH, way



we     <   ß S-N  אנו ANOO, we (subj. 3rd per. pro.).  [NOSTRATIC] 


weak  shol  <  של SHahL! Loose! [LOOSE, SLACK] 

      ee “Loose” and “Poor” above


west  qarb  < מערב M’GHaRaBH, west…the direction of ערב evening



wick  fetile   <    פתיל  PTL/P(S)L/F(S)L, twisted cord, thread  [FUSE]


world  donyā  <  M231   S-N אדמה  ADaMaH, earth, land  [MUNDANE]


worm, kerm <  M312  < רמה  ReeMaH, worm, vermin [WORM]


yell, loud cry, roar   na’re   <   ß    רנן  RaNeN, cry out [ORNITHOLOGY]               


you  tu   אתה ATaH, you   [THEE] 


yeast  khamir <  חמר K[H]eyMahR, to ferment, boil  [CALM]


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