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By Isaac Mozeson

springs hope eternal


Edenic Bet-Ayin-Resh באר B'AiR is usually translated "well." Bet-Resh/ BR easily can be the source for bilabials (lip letters) V or W plus liquids (tongue letters) R or L.
So, WELL hasn't moved far from the source.

באר B'AiR can infer an underground spring, or source where water wells up, not simply a pit or cistern. Nearby באר-שבע BE'ERsheba would not sustain a whole town were it just a collector of desert rainwater.

Latin ver is a spring, source of primaVERA (springtime) and VERnal
You can hear ehoes of באר B'AiR, just as naturally as you can hope for spring in the depth of a bitter Noth American winter.

1) Now, do you think Adam and Eve wore togas?

2) Do you think the pre-Romans might have had their language spun off from the homo spiens language program installed in Eden, which was neurolinguistically altered in a Big Bang of language dispersion at Sumer/Shinar/the later Babel... with all the new spinoffs undergoing corruption and creolization ever since?

or 3) Do you think some very clever monkeys designed all language groups separately, and that the 30 thousand linkable global cognates of Edencs researchers are mere coincidences and borrowings?

If you chose #3, you probably have a PhD in linguistics.

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