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By Isaac Mozeson

The Common Varieties of Terror


There are more Hebrew words for terror, fear or shaking in fear than for anything else. This didn't prevent the Israelis from coining the word "Teh-ROAR" for terrorism. Apparently, the Academy of the Hebrew Language quakes before journalists at Ha'aretz.

Among the dozen relevant words, four are remarkably similar in engineering.
חרד [K]HaRaiD is a guttural-liquid-dental word meaning to tremble or to fear (Genesis 27:33); חרדה [K]HaRaDaH is terror.

Remove the unhistoric S in front of (S)CARED, and you can see why non-Zionist Haredim are born scairdy cats.

רעד RaGHahD, trembling from fear , is a liquid-guttural-dental in Exodus 15:15 . Another guttural-liquid-dental word is ערץ [A]RahTS (to dread – Deuteronomy 1:29). Both of these can provide the TER in TERROR.

A dental-guttural-liquid meaning “terror ” in Biblical Aramaic is דחל Da[K]HaL. In these four synonyms, there are shifts in the dentals, guttural and liquids. The Edenic letters were engineered to shift sound and location, as if global diversity were planned.

Hebrew not being a random accident, being more unique than Portuguese... now THAT'S a scary nightmare for too many Israelis. ---This missive fired from Sderot. Daily posts on Facebook/Twitter--Edenics web games: Edenics videolectures and most recent book: THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn, Fr. or Ger. upgraded "intro to edenics"

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