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By Isaac Mozeson

netting butterflies


If there are 6,ooo world languages (most are better called "dialects"), then there ought to be a dizzying variety of words for BUTTERFLY. If some of these words are similar, and beyond mathematical coincidence, they ought to involve borrowings from neighboring lands. It's not like words have a meaning. So goes the convention wisdom.
Beginning with Semitic, there is Amharic: BuRaBiRo, Arabic: FaRasha and Hebrew פרפר PaRPaR. Even within the Semitic family there is diversity yet sameness, as B, F, and P are all lip-made letters (bilabials).

Now netting butterfly words from distant, non-Semitic languages, there's
Bengali: PRajapathi,Bulgarian PePeRuda, Finnish: PeRhonen, Hawaiian: PuLelhua, Hopi: Po-Li, Hungarian: LePke or PiLLango,Irish: FeiLeacan, Italian: FaRFaLLa, Marathi: PHuLPakhRu, Masai: osamPuRumPuRi, Mayi-Kulan (Queensland, Austr.) PaRdirr, Nahuatl: PaPaLotl, Portuguese: BoRBoLeta,Senegalese: LuPe LuPe, Swedish: FjaRil, Tagalog (Phillipines) PaRuPaRo and Tshiluba (Zaire): BuLuBuLu

Not only do we see a recurring bilabial, but also the (tongue-made) liquid L/R. It is like doing a genetic study, and concluding that must have been one pair of original butterflies.

But couldn't ANY of these be the original? The Hebrew word above is not even biblical. But פרפור PeeRPOOR (twitching) and its inverse רפרוף ReePHROOPH (fluttering, hovering) are biblical, are Edenic, and allow us to pin down that elusive creature called MEANING.

This missive fired from Sderot.

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