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By Isaac Mozeson

S-R, the straight and narrrow.


ש-ר Shin-Resh is an established 2-letter root primarily because of ישר YaSDHahR
(straight) and שורה SHOORaH (a straight line -- source of words like SERIES).
There's also שור SHOAR (ox, the beast that naturally plows strtaight lines).

Moving to צ-ר Tsadi-Resh, after a fricative shift, there is צר TSahR (narrow). This pulls in a STRing of STRaight words.

With another such shift, to Samekh-Resh, we have the built-in opposite סור $OOR (to stray off that straight and narrow). The ו Vav, usually a vowel, when read as a V or W, gives us SWERve.

Still another antonym by fricative shift is תור TOOR (to circle, go around like a TOURist).

Still touring Tsfat or Safed or Sfat, Isaac.

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