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By Isaac Mozeson

Life and death in Safed


Just back from 4 1/2 days in Safed or Sfat in the rolling hills of the Galil or Galilee. גליל GaLiL means wavy or rolling.

גל GahL, a wave, named the wave-riding bird: the GULL. To look out many windows in Safed, you feel like you're on an ark bobbing in a great
green storm.

After a lively prophets class with Berkley poet Reuven Goldfarb (who narrates the Edenics audio CD, "The Tower of Babel's Greatest Hits"), I scaled some 250 stone stairs up the mountain on which Safed is built.

The lowest level is 16th Century; the 2nd, 17th Century; and the 3rd and highest was begun in the 18th Century. There are Turkish and British fortifications and official buildings, some still pocked with bullet holes from the 1946 War of Independance.

In a narrow, winding cobblestone street of the Old City I was accosted by the ubiquitous gangs of yeshiva youth. They said the prayer for the New Moon with me, then danced me in a frenetic circle while loudly singing. The Sabbath "Day of Rest" is especially a bustle of hosting, praying, eating and singing. With all its life, Safed is the city where my parents recently passed away, and where I was given up for dead after a 1997 heat stroke with 5-day coma and total organ failure.

But by today, I can play Olympic tennis. (Special Olympics).

Safed is where many great spiritual masters are buried. קבר QeBHeR means "grave." Spell the V of "grave" as a BH. Now switch the place of the R and B. A guttural shift from Koof/Q to G allows you to unearth the source of GRAVE. CRYPt too.

On this trip I found the "double roots" of קבר QeBHeR. 1) The first sub-root is ק-ב Koof-Bhet, and the 2)second is ב-ר Bhet-Resh.

1) Occurs in CAVities and VACuums like קבה QaiBHaH (stomach), נקב NeQeBH (indentation), נקבה NiQaiVaH (female) and יקב YeQeBH (a wine cellar).

2) Is found in בור BOAR, a pit, like the English noun and verb BORE. A קבר QeBHeR (grave), then, is that which is hollowed out in the size of a pit.

Dozens more in Edenics CD III. This missive fired from Sderot. -----------

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