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By Isaac Mozeson

Buckaroos of the Old Middle East


Can the Tex-Mex cowboy, BUCKAROO, really be from בוקר BOAQeR (cattleman)?
Yep. Spanish vaquero, cowboy, and Latin vacca (source of VACCINE) can be traced all the way back to this Biblical cowpoke who tended his בקר BaQaR
or BHaQaR, cattle.

Notice, in vacca, how the end-Resh/R got rustled by the millennia and migrations since Babel. Just VC is left. Reverse this to CV, which is the same as CW. Good garsh! That there's a COW !

The Hebrew cow, פרה PaRaH, didn't range very far. Maybe it's in HEIFER.
As usual, only the more generic animal name, בקר BaQaR, cattle, got around.
That's a big reason why it's more accurate to use Edenic words rather than Hebrew words, which only appear with the much later Hebrews. Of course, the term Edenic is inclusive, while the word Hebrew sounds exclusive, and way too Jewish.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Russian cow is karova. Like the leaner Slavic cows in Polish, krowa, and Czech, krava, these are all an M231 metathesis of Bet-Koof-Resh, the cow with the Edenic brand. There aint no cows in the arctic. Their cattle are reindeer, named CARIBOU by French Canadians. KRB, yep, another M231 of בקר BaQaR.

In the Phillipines, the bovine is a water buffalo called a CARIBAO.

In the Andes the closest thing to cattle is the alPACA, just paco in native Peruvian.

Sure, there's more strays out there to corral. We could research languages until the cows go home. Home to Eden.

This missive fired from Sderot.

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