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By Isaac Mozeson

the 1st letter of a 3-letter word can be a prefix


It is no secret that a מדריך MaDReeYKH is a director. Edenics clues you in that the DRK part of the English word is from Dalet-Resh-Khaf (a DIRECtion, or to give DIRECtions).

The Mem-prefix of מדריך MaDReeYKH is like the or-suffix in "directOR." Any Hebrew scholar will agree that there is no Mem-prefix letter in a short, 3-letter word. The scholars will be learning many new things.

מקל MaQeL is a walking stick because it makes walking קל Qahl (faster, lighter). The messenger and the king are designed opposites in that the מלאך MaL'AhKH (messenger, angel) is made to go ! (imperative) לך LaiKH, by a king. While , the exact opposite, a מלך MeLeKH, a king is the “go-maker.”
This new, thus controversial, discovery of important 2-letter sub-roots
and the prefix of a single letter is best illustrated with the Aleph as negative prefix.
Normally you need 2 letters, Aleph-Yod, in Hebrew. For example, אי אפשר EeY-EFSHaR means impossible.

Similarly, in English the prefix A- means “not,” as in Asymmetrical.

Here are 10 cases where a lead Aleph can mean “not” without being an abbreviated negative marker. 1) אבל ABHaL, Aleph-Bhet-Lamed, means but, only. בל Bet-Lamed means a mixture of components that are BALLED UP – see the BALL entry.
A + BL could mean NOT mixed together with others – as in “but” and “only.”

The other Aleph-Bhet-Lamed word is pronounced אבל ABHeL, meaning: a mourner or the verb to mourn – see OWL and WAIL. The noun of mourning is אבלAyBHeL. Once again the two-letter sub-root is B-L togetherness (seen at BALL and the world’s most popular sound for “two” – see Ruhlin in The Origin of Speeches. Mourning is about feeling the isolation of losing the two-ness, the relationship with a loved one. The Bet-Lamed mix or relationship has been negated (Aleph prefix) by death.

2) אדם ADaM, Aleph-Dalet-Mem, means man, Adam, man of earth or earthling. Dalet-Mem means silence – see DUMB. A + DM could mean the one species (Man) that is NOT silent, as the world’s only speaker.

3) אדמה ADaMaH, Aleph-Dalet-Mem-Hey, means earth, land – see “DEMOCRACY.” ד-מ Dalet-Mem also means liquid – see DAMP . A + DM could mean the dry land, or that which is NOT wet on this blue planet.

4) אדון ADOAN, Aleph-Dalet-Vav-Noon, means lord or master – see ADONIS. ד-נ Dalet-Noon means law – see DAMN. A + DN could mean the one entity NOT under the law, in someone else’s jurisdiction (MiDeeYNaH – see MADONNA). 5) אוכל OOKaL (consumed, eaten away – the burning bush was not “consumed’ in Exodus 3:2. א Aleph is here a prefix letter of negation, so that א Aleph (not) + כל Kaph-Lamed (whole) = not whole, or eaten away. This wholeness and creation is negated with the Aleph prefix. See ALL.

6)אמת EMeT, Aleph-Mem-Tahf, means truth – see ETYMOLOGY. מת Mem-Tahf means death – see CHECKMATE. A + MT could mean that which is undying (truth).

8) אסר A$aR, Aleph-Samekh-Resh, is to harness, tie, forbid or imprison. סר Samekh-Resh means to turn aside or stray – see SWERVE. A + $R could mean confined and NOT allowed to stray.

(9)אשכול ESHKOAL, Aleph-Shin-Kaph-Vav-Lamed, means a cluster or group – see SCHOOL. SHiKOOL, just the שכול Shin-Kaph-Vav-Lamed, means bereaved – see SCHOOL and SINGLE. A + SHiKOOL could mean NO individuals lost from the group (of children or grapes).

10) אשם ASHahM, Aleph-Shin-Mem, means guilt – see ASHAMED. שם Shin-MeM means name, fame and reputation (Genesis 4:17). A + SH-M means the loss of face, of good name, of reputation that comes with shameful guilt.

This missive fired from Sderot.

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