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By Isaac Mozeson

a Happy New Year hug to trees everywhere


To honor Tu B'Shvat, New Year for trees, we begin by pulling up the roots of TREE, תרזה TiRZaH. This is clearer in Polish, where TREE is drzewo.

The generic Hebrew tree, עץ [E]TS or GHeTS (with the harsh Ayin) didn't give the world many TREE words, as much as wood words like STICK (harsh Ayin-Tsadi reversed) and LUTE (from Arabic el ude, the wood).

The אילן ILaN, shade tree, became the ELM after a nasal (nose letter) shift. There are a dozen borrowed tree names, like SYCAMORE from שקמה SHiQMaH, or MYRTLE from מר MoaR (MYRR). Dozens more borrowings would cite the Semitic were dictionaries more professional.

For example, the TAMARASK is "Asian," rather than from the תמר TaMaR, date palm. The upright תמר TaMaR gave Man the pillar. Just nasalize the word (add an M or N) to get TIMBER.

Nasalize the צ-ב Tsadi-Bhet root of the Edenic pillar to get STUMP. (Oh yes, shift the bilalbial, lip letter, as well.) A book can take up all the parts of trees, with their many words, begining with FRUIT, from פרות PeROAT (fruit). Finding the פרי PReeY (single fruit) in PEAR or aPRIcot is simple. But one must know their letter shifts to find aPPLE, PLum or BERRY. Just because bible translators render the רמון RiMOAN as a pomegranite
doesn't mean that it's not behind the LEMON (shift of liquid, or tongue letters).

Why celebrate trees in the dead of winter? Because now the SAP begins to run deep within the trees, as they silently plot a resurrection in the spring. The SEEPING SAP is from זבה ZaBHaH (to slowly emit liquid).

Except for the evergreens and firs, ברוש B'ROASH in Edenic, source of BRUSH, the trees have lost their leaves. They look lifeless and boney.
Why? Shouldn't they grow MORE leaves to catch the lesser supply of sunlight?

Every sailer knows that you must lower or even cut down the sails in a storm. With a billion green sails up during the windy winter, many trees would get blown down. Most trees have a palmate design. Lift up thy palms, be thankful. And a quick hug wouldn't hurt, though I do have cactuses here.

This missive fired from Sderot

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