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By Isaac Mozeson

world onion tasting


Peeling back the history of a popular "onion" word, we get בצל BaTSaL, onion -- source of BASIL.

פצל PaTSaL to peel, is only a bilabial (lip letter) shift away. This post provides an easy clinic of anatomically-based letter shifts, the most basic form of Babel-babble which diversified the original homo sapiens factory-installed language program.

BASIL is an herb whose leaves are used as seasoning. There is no Indo-European (IE) “root.” Old French basile, the basil plant, is thought to come from Greek basilikos, royal. There were onions long before there were kings, Greeks with leeks, or palaces with onion-shaped domes. Many tongues like the flavor of בצל BeeTSaiL. An easy #1-#2 letter flip (M213 metathesis) of B/TS/L is TS/B/L. Here's the TSIBELE a Yiddishe mama cooks with, along with the CIPOLLA, ZWIEBEL, CEBULA, and SIPULI (onions all) that Italian, German, Polish, and Finnish mamas have cried over for centuries. In Estonia it’s sibul, while in Latvia it’s sipol. One of the few fricitive (whistling letter) variatios not seen above is the Ukrainian onion: tsybulna.

Tipula is an onion in Basque, the language with "no affinities." (This is not borrowed from Spanish cebolla nor the French oignon.) CHIVE is from Latin cepa (onion). Sol is an onion to Kiowa Indians

this missive fired from Sderot

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