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By Isaac Mozeson

the first deicide charge: the plague of darkness killed the sun god


RA, the Ancient Egyptian sun god, is אור OAR (light) reversed. Continuing yesterday's theme, even Semitic (like Ancient Egyptian) was formed by the neurolinguistic breakup of the original, universal human language, according to Chinese, Mayan, Hebrew and other lore.

Reversals are a good way to demonstrate that even some Semitic words were diversified in an unnatural way. In Amharic (Ethiopia) the word for heat is
muk-at. There are no M-K words for heat, but reversing to Het-Mem is חם K[H]ahM (heat).

חמה K[H]aMaH is the poetic term for sun. חם K[H]aM means warm or hot. חמם [K]HaMaiM is to heat up something. Many ח-מ Het-Mem things are associated with heat: including חמה K[H]eMAH (curds, cream, butter), חמיץ K [H]aMeeYTS (salty, seasoned or “hot”), חמץ K[H]aMeTS (leavened, fermented) , חמר K[H]aMaR (to boil).

Ok, that's Semitic. Is there anything beyond Semitic that would reinforce the reversing of the Amharic guttural-nasal heat word?

I'm glad you asked. Here's a sample: Basque okin = bake
Chinese cheng = to steam
Finnish kuuma = hot Greek kauma = heat
Hawaiian hahana = warm, hot Latin cauma = the heat of the sun
Maidu Indians of California hom = boil
Maya qin = sun; Maya afternoon = o-quin
Spanish quemar = to burn
Swahili chemsa = boil Turkish gun = the heat of the day Vietnamese cam + to suffer sunstroke, ham is to warm up

This missive fired from a warm Sderot

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