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By Isaac Mozeson



שלג S(H)eLeG is snow. Reverse to for גלש GaLaSH, ski or slide (what you might do SLOGging through the snow in GALOSHES, as if you were a SLEIGh.

This post sounds too much like a weather forecast for northern Israel.
Here is the desert, we've had lots of blessed rain.

Our Peruvian Edenicist has scores of new "snow" and "cold" words from the Americas that cleary fit here. No time to add them now, so I'll give you our SLUDGE report.

SLU(D)GE SHeLeG Shin-Lamed-Gimel

ROOTS: SLUDGE has a #2 definition meaning "a slush of snow" or finely broken drift ice. Middle English slike, Dutch slijk, German schleich and the IE base sleug (to slip, glide) all dispatch of the D in SLUDGE, whether or not they are good etymons. שלג S(H)eLeG is snow (Jeremiah 18:14). Reverse to גלש GaLaSH, slide (Songs 6:5).

For another, not reversed “slide” there is זחל ZaK[H]aL, to creep, crawl, slide (Deuteronomy 32:24 – see SLINK at SLUG. Linking זחל ZaK[H]aL to SLUDGE requires a ZKL ? SLG metathesis and letter shifts. Linking שלג SHeLeG to SLUDGE requires only the probability that a D was aided to aid pronunciation. (See Slavic snow below.) BRANCHES: Swahili snow is theluji, a typical Swahili rendering of the Edenic שShin and גGimel. Indonesian snow is sladju, a variant of שלג SHeLeG whose DJ parallels the D of SLUDGE. In both cases the D simply makes the Gimel/ G into a J or jimmel (the soft G heard in Giovanni). The same L --> N change that brought us NO from לאLOA (no), CANNIBAL from כלב KeLeBH (dog - see CARIBBEAN) or Slavic nem (mute) from אלם EeLaiM (mute), allowed שלג SHeLeG to become snijeg in Serbo-Croatian and snieg (snow) in Polish.

Arabic snow is tsalg Chinese shuan and song mean hoar-froast and cold. The Indo-European “root” for cold is srig, a liquid shift from SLG.
The French lets the Slavic S drop in their neige (snow). In German and Yiddish the SNG or SNK (Russian snow is snyek) is softened, and letters #2 and #3 are swapped to get Schnee (snow).

We SLOG through the snows of Siberia to Kilimanjaro to get to the English SNOW. The IE “root” of SNOW is sneig(w)h.

An alternate SN etymon is צנה TSeeNaH (cold), as in "the coldness of snow" (Proverbs 25:13). Polish zimny means cold and winter. SLUSH and SLEET appear at IE “root” sleu (no definition given) where they are cognates of SLUG and SLUGGARD -- see SLUG.

SLEIGH, the snow vehicle, will SLOG by with more ease if one turns to GLISSADE. More slogging (as through snow with GALOSHES) at SLEIGH.
Animals that slide are the ZOAK[H]eL (creepers, reptiles) – see SLUG. Other entries to see include “GLIDDASE” and SANGFROID.

This missive barely fired from a wet Sderot.

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