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By Isaac Mozeson



Analysing kisses will guarantee that you never get kissed.
But we can learn a few tricks, like the reverse kiss, from Adam & Eve.
Yes, they spoke Edenic too.

BUSS SaPHaH Sin-Phey-Hey Sah-PHAH שפה [S-PH --> PS --> BS]

ROOTS: A BUSS is a hearty, smacking kiss, which romantics will lament as archaic. There is no so-called IE “root” for BUSSING. German bus is a kiss. The Irish and Gaelic bus is a mouth or lip. The Edenic lip is the reverse of this bilabial-fricative: שפה SaPHah (lip – Psalms 22:8). Focusing on the Sin-Phey, we can see SIP at SIPHON. Moving to the פ-ה Pey-Hey, we are at the Edenic mouth: פה PeH (see OPEN).
BRANCHES: Seppun is a Japanese kiss. Like BUSS, the Spanish kiss reverses the ש-פ Sin-Phey with beso.

Similarly, the Polish base for mouth, lip and kiss is buzia. Shifts of the fricative and bilabial have disguised this שפה SaPHaH. A hardened פה PeH (mouth) may be behind the softer kiss, the PECK.

לשון LaSHOAN (tongue) is often translated “language,” but Genesis 11:1 infers that it means more like “dialect” or the variation of the one true human language program. The context of both Genesis 11:1 and Zephania 3:9 would make שפה SaPHaH (lip, language) more like “language.”

Just as a hardened end-Hey ה allows us to hear BEAK and boca (Spanish mouth) from פה PeH (mouth), we can hear the word SPEECH in שפה SaPHaH. To unlock the Indonesian word for language, reverse bahasa (language), switch places of the H and B, and shift the B to a PH. In French, where mouth is bouch, a kiss is baiser. Less formally they have kiss words like bisou and bise as well. An important שפה SaPHaH, lip or language is Sanskrit. The Sanskrit for language is bhasah. Reverse S-PH, shifting bilabial Phey/ PH to BH.
In chart form: שפה SaPHah (lip – Psalms 22:8) is #1 a whistling fricative like S, soft C or CH,
#2 any bilabial or lip letter (B,F, P, V)
EDENIC (lip) שפה Sa PHa H
English (kiss) reversed buss SSu B
French (kiss) reversed baiser Sa iB
German (kiss) reversed bus Su B
Hungarian (kiss) reversed puszi izS uP
Irish,Gaelic lip, mouth) reversed bus Su B
Japanese (kiss) Se PPu N
Persian/Farsi (kiss) reversed boose eS ooB
Polish (lip, mouth, kiss) rev. buzia aiZ uB
[The following words have been linked toשפה SaPHaH (lip) by Fernando Aedo:
From Dravidian (Southern India), where C is a CH sound]

Gabda (lip) reversed Vasi Si Va Kalasha/Dardic (lip) uS Phun
Konda (kiss) Su B
Malayam (smack, suck) Ca PPuka Pasai/Dardic (lip) rev. buest ST euB Sanskrit (kiss) nasalized [+M] Cu MB Tamil (kiss) Cu Vai
Telegu (smack lips) Ca PPU
[… and from the Americas:]
Amazonian: Cashinahua (kiss)
reverse of batsu TSu Ba Mayan: Teco (kiss) TZ’ uuB-i
Mayan:Tzotzil(kiss) rev. butz’ TZ uB
Quechua (to purse lips) CH’ iPuy

This missive fired from Sderot.

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