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By Isaac Mozeson



NUZZLE and NOZZLE are obviously related, but how?
We don't get cuddly with a garden hose
(at least not in polite company).

Then I accidently went nose-to-nose with the given Indo-European "root" for NOSE, NOSTRIL and N U Z Z L E. That root is nas (nose). So NUZZLING is rubbing one's nose into someone's face. Like Eskimo kissing.

Now, NOZZLE (a spigot) is not among the cognates of the shnazola. Does that mean any link to NUZZLE is a coicidence? Nah, I don't believe in those things.

The closest-sounding Edenic etymon (source word) is נוזל NOAZeL (running, flowing). If you have ever had the common cold
you could see why this organ might have been named "the runner."

The best Edenic etymon for SENSE, not just sound, for MEANING not just music, is צנור TSeeNOAR (pipe). Even though 1) Tsadi/TS as S and 2)Noon have to be inverted, SN- to NS, and 3) the end-Resh dropped (common), nine of ten doctors and engineers would agree that the nose as a pipe is anatomically correct.

Yes, Virginia, you do NUZZLE with your NOZZLE.

This missive fired by Nozeson after a 70-degree day in Sderot that Ahmadinijhad (translation: I'm-a-nut-job) promised would be the last for Israel. May nuclear Iraq have The Mother Of All "Work Accidents."
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