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By Isaac Mozeson

Sound alikes, snorts and how to drink on St. Patty's Day


Does Edenic have homonyms like TO, TOO, and TWO? No! TO
The question is good, because Edenic has so many similar-sounding words. But they are elegantly designed synonyms and antonyms, a trademark of this pre-human new field we call Edenics.. Edenic does have words that are spelled alike, but have opposite meanings. This is certain evidence that Edenic is neurological, and NOT coined by humans and honed for precise semantics or meaning. This design pattern, made for Semitic “paradox’ and not to be mistaken for the Western sense of “contradiction,” has much to do with the inability of Western-trained scholars to make sense of the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew.

Here’s a sample of some of those paradoxical Edenic words, words not mistaken for scribal errors or evolutionary glitches by that overly Western, limited book called “How The Hebrew Language Grew.”

חסד [K]He$eD is grace (II Samuel 9:3)
חסד [K]HaSahD is disgrace (Leviticus 20:17).

מלח MaLa[K]H means to rub small, to reduce to dust (Harkavy –Isaiah 51:6), but also מלח Mala[K]H is the noun and verb of salt or salting, a preservative which prevents organic material from breaking down (Exodus 30:35). See MILL.

סעיף $a’e[E]F is a branch, and $ay[A]aiF is to lop of branches (see PHASE OUT

מוש MOOSH can mean touch or feel (see MASSAGE at MASS), and
the opposite, to withdraw (see MISS) – עצם [E]TSeM is a bone, and [E]eTSaiM is to break bone
ערף [O]ReF is the neck, and [A]RahF is to break the neck (see SCRUFF)

שד SHahD is a nurturing breast or teat (Lamentations 4:3), and the name of the deity as hidden, natural nurturer is שדי SHaDahY (Exodus 6:3).
Yet, the same Shin-Dalet שד SHoaD means robbery and oppression (Psalms 12:6), and שד SHaiD is a destructive demon (Deuteronomy 32:17). [SHADE] שנה SHaNaH is both to change, and to repeat the same (see CHANGE)

Not only am I glad to see and field questions as the Edenics blog grows, but I am most thrilled when a reader adds important data. Yesterday’s post on NOZZLE/NUZZLE invoked questions about sound-alikes, Good. A newly-important Edenicist from the Isles weighed in. Better.t Fearless Fearhas MacFhionnlaugh pipes in more words linkable to צנור TSeeNOAR (pipe, conduit, gutter, waterjet): Scotch Gaelic sron (nose, snout) is an M132 metathesis.

MacBain's Etymological Gaelic Dictionary: lists this as Irish and Old Irish, with variants like srognâ , srand and srennim appearing in dialects and languages like Welsh, covering SN words like SNEEZE, SNORE and SNORT. Most of these are thought to go back to Greek.

Dwelly's Gaelic Dictionary has a sròinich meaning: to breathe through the nostrils, smell, apply the nose to anything (NUZZLE), SNORT,and SNUFFLE. There’s also a srann as SNORING and SNORTING.

Instead of all the outgoing “pipe” activities, Dwelly records a 10th definition: to “drink as deep as one's breath will permit.”

Take a deep breath, laddie, and breath through that pipe between yer eyes.
This Missive Fired from Sderot

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