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By Isaac Mozeson

finally pinning down WHALE


Edenics has enough animal names to fill a chapter in The Origin of Speeches. Animals are fun, and the thought of "coincidental" sounds and sense are laughable when so few words describe the essence of an animal.

An Edenicist sent in some proposed Albanian-Edenic links, when suddenly the elusive WHALE swam into view. Here's the tesultant new entry:.

BALE(EN) BaL[A]h Bet-Lamed-Ayin


ROOTS: BALEEN is thought to be a Right Whale, and to specifically refer to the keratin plates with which this world’s largest creature, nearly all mouth, plows open-mouthed through a huge school of plankton and/or small fish and strains out the thousands of gallons of water.

The IE root bhel-2 (to blow, swell) is irrelevant to the voracious activity above. A Bet-Lamed/BL swelling etymon appears at BOULDER. The Latin and Greek B-L and PH-L words cited by the AHD mean whales in general, and not just the bone-like BALEEN screens in the creatures’ mouths.

בלע BaL[A]h is to "devour." (Isaiah 28:4) or "swallow" (Psalms 69:16). Shifting liquids from BR to BL, are two related words. ברה BHaRaH is to "eat" (II Samuel 12:17). בער BHee[A]iR is a term of feeding, eating and consuming. See DEVOUR.

BRANCHES: The Albanian whale, baleen,, and the link to בלע BaL[A]h was made by Regina Werling in 2/10. A whale in Latin is balaena. Greek phalaina has shifted bilabials. The Bet or Bhet also shifts to let us glimse the WHALE. Despite the NARWAL, from OldNorsehvalr , whale (or swallower), and the Germanic base *hwalaz, whale, the AHD favors Latin squalus , a sea fish. Their “root” for WHALE is the monstrous (s)kwal-o- (big fish). As Jonah could tell you, a WHALE is the swallower.

This missive fired from Sderot.

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