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By Isaac Mozeson

Hebrew Animal Names -- Part 3 of 3


The English animal names were explained by the Edenic, but Edenic animal names are far more in tune with the essence of the animal. The only Hebrew animal name I remeber hearing an explanation for was that the [K]HaZeeYR (pig) was [K]HoZeR (returning) to the food it had already eaten and expelled. Yech!

Enjoy this sample:

Hebrew Animal Names Larger list in The Origin of Speeches, Chapter 8 (Lightcatcher Books, April, 2006). For the Edenic meanings of scores of Hebrew, English and non-English animal names, search the e-word CD Dictionary, [ X ] indicates the entry to consult, and , often, a cognate.

As brief as this sample is, it suffices to demonstrate how Edenic words, even animal names, have profound meaning. Non-Edenic words often have no meaning beyond a semantic signal, especially with animal names. Fortunately, non-Edenic words, even animal names, have meanings which can be discovered via their Edenic source.

אכבר AKHBaR (mouse) אכל OKHeL (consume) + בר BaR (grain)

mouse = grain destroyer or eater) [BARLEY]

אתוןATOAN (she-donkey) איתן AYTaN (strong) [TONE]

אריהARYeH (lion) רוע ROO’[A]h (Resh-Vav-Ayin, to shout, blast war cry…

Lion = roaring creature) [ARYAN]

גדיGiDi (goat) גדוד GiDOOD (troop…group…herd creature) [GATHER]

גמלGaMaL (camel, premier work animal of the Middle East) עמלGHaMaL

or [A]MahL עמל (Ayin-Mem-Lamed) = work [MEGALOMANIAC]

דגDaG (fish) 1) see GiDOOD above (the creature that lives together in schools) גדוד + 2) DahQ דק (thin… the streamlined creature) [HADDOCK]

זאבZ’EBH (wolf) זבהZaBHaH, seeper, “the salivator” (the overactive salivation

is really sweat, not hunger) [SEEP]

זבוב Z’BHOOBH (fly) סבוב $iBHOOBH (circle), שב SHahBH (return).

Shoo the fly away, and it circles and returns. [SWIVEL]

חמורKHaMOAR (donley) חמורKHAMOOR (heavy, strict, serious) [MARE]

נמלNaMaL (ant) נמל NaMaL (porter…carrying creature)

נשר NeSHeR (eagle) S-L נשל NaSHaL (drop)

Nature’s prolific plummeter from great heights and at great speed

סוס $OOS (horse) סס $ah$, joy + זוז ZOOZ, movement.

No other animal runs for the sheer joy of movement [HORSE]

עטלף [A]DTaLeF (bat) = in repose, a creature hanging and wrapped up in

a protective casing. עטה [A]DTaH, to wrap [COAT], טלף DTaLaF

(hoof), תלה TaLaH, suspended [ATLAS], טלל DTaLaL, to cover [TILE]

עזניה [A]ZNeeYaH (hawks, ospreys, long-spanned raptors) איזון EYZOON

(balancing) these birds don’t flap wings as much as ride, and balance in the air

currents [AUDIENCE]

עקרב[A]QRaBH (scorpion, crustacean) קרב QRaBH (engagement, battle,

cantankerous creatures like the armored helmet crab) [CRAB]

פרדPeReD (mule) פרד PaReD and פרטPaReT means separated, apart or

branched off, as in the sterile offspring of a horse and donkey) [PART]

צאןTSoaN (sheep, small cattle) 1. צא TSAi (go out… creatures who go out

to pasture) 2. צןTSauN (to wander, migrate…migratory creatures)

3. קטן QaDTahN, small [TINY]

צב TSahBH (turtle) צב TSahBH (covered wagon… the living mobile home creature)


צביTSiBHeeY (deer, gazelle) צבי TSiBHeeY (beauty, glory)


קוףKOAf (monkey) קוף KooF (eye of needle… animal with humanlike head

and neck) [APE].

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