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By Isaac Mozeson

Hanging around


The Book of Esther is a real Necktie Party. No less than 13 people are hung. To HANG is from חנק [K]HeNeQ (strangulation). A related strangulation word is שנק SHeeNaiQ. The only strangler in the animal world is the SNAKE.

Did you notice how both strangle words include Noon-Koof, as in NECK?
English NECK is not a word for the bridge between the torso and head. It means a narrowed, pinched-in area, as in a BOTTLENECK or place names (Great Neck, Teaneck).
That snake Haman was just about to ask the Persian king permission to hang
Mordechai, at the very moment when the king finally, "accidentally" decided to reward Mordechai for saving his royal neck.

Coincidence, eh? Just like 40,000 matches of sound and sense between Edenic and "unrelated" languages

What will become of the academic coincidence criers?
They'll twist in the wind.
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