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By Isaac Mozeson

adding to ESOTERICA


I am most happy with posts that elicit data from readers. Thanks George Shen for the Chinese, and David Funnel for more hidden stuff in the book of Esther.

Many more origins of Western plot lines lie with Jewish lore, especially Talmudic tales. I was going to write up all that, but I'm after bigger fish.

Here's our revised ESOTERIC entry:.

ESOTERIC $ayTeR Samekh-Tahf-Resh


ROOTS: Western historic linguistics, and the AHD in particular, engages is ESOTERIC (secret, hidden) arts. They somehow have an IE “root” for ESOTERIC en (in), a cognate of “dysentery,”

The heretofore hidden source of ESOTERIC is סתר $ayTeR (secret, Deuteronomy 27:15).

The name and Book of ESTHER אסתר means “I shall hide.” The Lord’s hand in history is hidden in that Diaspora

book of the Hebrew Bible. Also, Esther is the contestant with the hidden identity, and the secret source of later tales

with competing knights of secret identity. The Book of Esther is the first comedy, tragedy averted, and with enough switches of clothing to get Shakespeare and the sitcom started.

More at MYSTERY.

BRANCHES: In Mandarin Chinese the word for “hidden” ? appears like duo (X152) . But the Cantonese reveals the older pronunciation as dtore, a form of סתר $ayTeR. [George Shen]


Unless I manage to get one out before Moses leads me out of the desert (he's the driver moving me to the Galilee early tomorrow morning), this is the last missive I fire from Sderot.

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upgraded "intro to edenics"

Kevin   3/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
I'm sure you will reach even greater heights from Tzfat... drive safely

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