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By Isaac Mozeson

a home means plurality and togetherness


We all know, or should know, that the ALPHABET was borrowed by the illiterate Greeks from the Semites. You don't have to be an ALPHA male to know that BETA-max or BETAtesting is from the Hebrew number two, בית , "ב"Bet.

An Israeli may scoff at this 2nd letter and number 2 pronounced like BETHlahem or BETHesda or Temple BETH Shalom.

But בית , "ב"Bet or Beth, the 2nd letter and number 2 gave us the word BOTH.

Two lovers start a home, a family a BaYiT, for BOTH of them.

There is a BaYiT derivative merely about a physical house: BOOTH.

As usual, in the science of the engineering of language, Edenics, there is a like-sounding (sound is energy; this is science not mysticism) word meaning the very opposite.

This is directly against Monkey Linguistics, taught in colleges with your tax money, which supposes that words are mere signals to mean one, unambiguous thing.

Revelation in Edenics revels in ambiguity, which is paradox, purposeful multiple entendre... everything a Western bible "scholar" hates and can't understand.

Now for that built-in opposite, also a bilabial-dental:

בד BHahD is the root of בדד BaDahD, alone, and a word meaning an isolated limb (source of BAT, a single tree limb). The conjunction BUT means, "with the exeption of something, " or "excluding" something. Even if it's a logical statement, and not a noun (thing), that thing is being isolated.

Bilabial-dental “isolation” is the opposite of "both."

Enjoy both-ness for the holidays,

Posted from Safed.
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