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By Isaac Mozeson

Getting Rid of Leavening


Passover has much about two opposite, but very similar things.
חמץ [K]HaMeTS, leavening , is an M231 metathesis of מצה MaTSaH, unleavened bread. Both terms have a Mem/M and both have a Tsadi/TS.
The difference between the Hey/H and Het/[K]H is minute, negligable.

But so is the difference between confidence and pride. The forbidden
חמץ [K]HaMeTS, leavening is puffed up, enlarged, more arrogant than confident.
More at the ENZIMES of the ZYME entry.

The modest , flat מצה MaTSaH, unleavened bread, is מצוי MeeTSOOY, squeezed out and צמא TSaMAy, thirsty -- with little liquid..

The rich bread combines the two factors which, having a greater quanity, make it legally חמץ [K]HaMeTS, leavening. They are 1) חם K[H]aM, heat, and 2) מיץ MeeTS liquids such as juice...source of the word MOIST.

The warmrth of חם K[H]aM can also burn as חמה K[H]aiMaH, anger.
Anger requires arrogance, Chamets or leavening of the soul.
That difference between ח Het and ה Hey.

Passover wants us to have the confidence, the freedom of former slaves, But not the haughtiness of the ex-slave now in power.

Posted from Sefad, where neighborhood kids brought discarded cartons to keep the flame going on the fire to burn my Chamets. I thought they were just little pyros having fun, but they actually knew the Aramaic phrase for nullifying leavened goods.

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