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By Isaac Mozeson

Hebrew vs. Aramaic


There are a minority of scholars who considered Aramaic to be as special as Hebrew, and at least as old. Naturally, these scholars had no clue about documenting or discovering the internal (within Edenics) or external (Edenics and all subsequent languages) architectonics of the language of the Hebrew Bible.

Even more naturally, those who recorded such a baseless theory were Aramaic writers.
As Greek word in Greek Bible times, Aramaic was the ligua franca of the 1st Century. Hebrew was unused by the masses, was soon to forghotten, so the scribes would soon save it, petrify it, by taking in underground to a secret, sacred realm.

One of the dozen classical sages commenting on Genesis 11 (The Tower of Babel) makes the same error. The other eleven, especially the top one, Rashi, clearly designate only Hebrew as the Sacred Tongue.

Aramaic is the earliest, closest language to the Hebrew of Creation and Revelation.
Aramaic has added significance because of the books written in Aramaic.

Edenic is the Pre-Hebrew recorded verbatim with dialogues of Adam + Eve, the angels, and the Creator. "Hebrew" begins as an historic, no longer pre-historic (pre-Babel) language after Shem and Ever (Noah's son and grandson) teach Edenic to Abram the Chaldean, who goes on to found the Hebrews.

Sorry, it is inaccurate to use "Hebrew" and "Edenic" iterchangeably.

Aramaic is POST Tower of Babel. The way Aramaic was morphed from Edenic is well documented. (See Jastrow's dictiony of the Talmud.)

For example, a שור SHOAR (ox) became the Aramaic תור TOAR. From this came Latin taurus and Spanish toro. But these "ox" words are meaningless garble. They are simply signals made to recall the bull, semantics, usage-driven -- precisely what the Semitically-chaallenged experts think of every human word.

But the original, Edenic ox word, SHOAR is divine. How so? Because only the שור SHOAR or ox knows how to plow STRAIGHT ROWS. A straight row is a SHOORaH YaSHaR שורה ישר .
25,000 other proofs of the pristine primacy of Hebrew are at
Posted a mile and a half from the cave where legend has Ever teach Ivrit to Abram.

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