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By Isaac Mozeson

The "Chicken or Egg First " Question Solved AT Last


If the CHICKEN were from an EGG word, then we could agree that the egg came first, and that the word for chicken was hatched later. While Italian uovo (egg) is from Latin ovum (egg), the Latin can be less helpful than the Edenic in seeing how the egg got scrambled into French oeuf and Spanish huevo. And obviously a Latin source cannnot help us with a vaguely similar egg word from a non-Latinate family: like avgo in Modern Greek.

The Edenic source of the Latin egg and these derivatives is the original chicken: Ayin-Vav-Phey עוף [O]aWF (fowl). The versatile Ayin can be a vowel (like French oeuf), a guttural, throaty GH (as in the reversed Ayin-Phey/G-PH of Modern Greek avgo), or just the H (as in Spanish huevo).

Normal reference books can always tell us WHAT a word means, but never WHY it means it. Yes, Edenics reveals that the chicken came before the egg. And that chicken was from the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, just where scientists say that agriculture and literacy originated. --------------------
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