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By Isaac Mozeson

more EGGSistentialism


What about English and Norwegian EGG, similar in Danish and Swedish.
Are they, like Modern Greek avgo' (egg), from the Ayin of עוף GHOAF (fowl).

No, there are too many EGG-like words not to be from another Edenic source. No FOWL play suspected. Even though Western Europe seems to associate eggs with the animals they get them from.

The Germanic mind tends to be more analytic. They are namimg the EGG by its round shape, and round is עגול [E]GOAL. And end-L never lasts, especially in an everyday object. So, hold the L of עגול [E]GOAL, let the first syllable, the "EG" be sunny side up.

What about the EGG in a Hebrew dictionary, a ביצה BaYTSaH. Shouldn't there be many "egg" words around the globe, besides the obvious Semitic words like Arabic bayda (egg)?

Remember that most languages are renaming things with a different Edenic word. So there might only be a dozen scramblings of ביצה BaYTSaH (egg) out there. One of them is Czech vejce (egg). The Bet/B has shifted bilabials (lip letters) to V, and the Tsadi/TS has shifted whistling fricatives
to a C.

Humans are no egglayers but FOETUS is from ביצה BaYTSaH (egg). -------------
Posted on the run from Sefad; I have an Egg-Head bus to catch to Jerusalem.

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