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By Isaac Mozeson

WHY Saddam I's Tower of Babel Came Undone


The Chinese and the Mayans, not just the Hebrews, have ancient lore about a single, universal language that was diversified or “confused.” The oldest written such “myth” is Genesis 11. The text speaks to an eternal question, “Where did language and the many different languages come from?”

Genesis 11 has the language spoken at Eden (thus “Edenic”) being diversified at Shinar or Sumer. The world’s relatively small human population was huddled together in fear of another Deluge. A powerful tyrant emerged, Nimrod, who had everyone build a huge ziggurat, step pyramid, so that people could climb up to safety were there another tsunami-like disaster. This tower was built near the much later site of ancient Babel (Babylon, present day Iraq), so it was called The Tower of Babel. More than defying the Creator by surviving a Flood, Emperor Nimrod wanted a centralized tower to focus the state’s authority. This is much like the Kremlin. No one 10,000 miles away in the U.S.S.R. could lift a hand without an order from the Kremlin authority back in Moscow. The godlike Nimrod and his state controlled every human alive. This threat to Divine authority was much more than a mere skyscraper to scrape against the Heavens. (Like a shallow translation suggests.)

Therefore, the fitting reaction to an attempt to make the entire world population march in lockstep was to diversify the once universal language. No longer could a dictator dictate to all. Kim Jon Il’s dictatorship is limited to Korean speakers.
The tower builders couldn’t understand each other. The tower, and one-world-government idea was abandoned. ----------------
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