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By Isaac Mozeson



Who Needs D i R e C tions? All roads lead from Babel Any reference will confirm that Daled-Resh-Kahf ד ר ך DeReKH means DiReCtion, way, manner, journey, road... Here is an example of what happened to Edenic DeReKH ד ר ך – Dalet-Resh-Khaf at the Tower of Babel. You’ll see that Dalet-Resh-Khaf (Biblical Hebrew DeReKH) has all the “genes” for the global diversity of its Tower-of-Babel spin-offs.

1) Dalet: D and T are “dentals” or the interchangeable tooth-made letters.
2) Resh: R and L are “liquids” or the interchangeable tongue-made letters.
3) Khaf: G, H, K, Q are “gutturals” or the interchangeable throat-made letters.
Language Meaning spelling of similar dental-liquid-guttural term ד ר ך Edenic (way, manner, journey, road) De Re KH
Arabic (highway, way) Ta Ri Q Afrikaans (road, path) Di Re K
Albanian (way, road) RRu Ge
Australian (paths) Tu Ri(n) Gas
Australian (straight, direct) Thoo R Gool
Basque (street, road, reversal of kali) iL aK
Breton (manner) Doa Re Chinese (way) Dau Lu
Czech (track, course, way) D Ra Ha
Dutch (a long journey…TREK) T R eK
Finnish (roadway) rev. ajorata aT aR oJa Gaelic (journey) Tu Rus
German (through, by way of) Du R CH
some “through” words from DaReKH include: Old Irish T Re
and Welch T RWy Indonesian (direction) a Ra H
Indonesian (manner, way) Tja Ra
Japanese (journey) Ryo Ko
Japanese (fashion, manner) Ryu Ko
Japanese (road) Do Ro
Japanese (street) To Ri Korean (manner, way) Ro Khe
Korean (reversal of kil, road, street) Li K
Latin (to direct; whence DIRIGIBLE) Di Ri Gere
Latin (journey; whence, ITINERANT) iT eR
Malay (direction) a R aH
Malay (way, reverse of cara) a R a C
Malay: Bouton (road) Da Ra
Old English (reverse of rad, a road) Da R
(source of RAID, RIDE and ROAD)
Old French (reverse of rote, way, path) eT ouR
(source of ROTE, ROUTE, ROUTINE)
Old French (reverse of route, way, road) eT ouR
(source of RUT)
Old French (track, way, course) T R aC
(source of TRACE, TRACK… Persian/Farsi (way) Ra H
Polish (course, track) To R
Polish (way, road, manner) D Ro Ga
Russian (road, way) Da Ro Ga
Serbian (road) Lu Ka
Spanish (right direction, straight) De Re CHo
Swedish (way, cognate of German Weg
and English WAY, Resh shifts to V,W) Va G
Telugu (way) Da Ri
Thai (direct, straight) Dt Ro Hng
Ukranian (to direct, or drive animals D Ro Czyt
Ukranian (road) Do Ro Ha

This list has to be kept short. Otherwise it could run into related terms like DaRahKH, to tread, which would lead to the Greek source of TRUCK and TRUDGE, and so on… Scrambled, metathesis forms of DeReKH, like Turkish DoGRu (straight), and Irish/Gaelic RuTHaG (path) were left out in favor of only those in perfect dental-liquid-guttural sequence. Other imperfect but notable entries include Italian DiReZione (route, trend), German RiCHTung (route, trend, way... source of RIGHT) and “directory” words like Albanian Drejtori, Italian DiReezione, and Manx oRDaGH . The list above is remarkable for the many forms of DeReKH that kept the dental-liquid-guttural sequence of the original Edenic. Scrambled forms of ד ר ך DeReKH (way, manner,) include
Faroese and Icelandic HaTTuR. If you know some similar sounding way/road word in a language not listed above, please send it in.
Posted from Sefad, where many roads are circular.

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