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By Isaac Mozeson



הלך HaLahKH (to go, walk ) reverses the guttural-liquid-Hey/H of
עלה GHaLayH (ascend, go to,come to). Liquid-guttural traveling or roadways and thoroghfares was important in yesterday's post on roads, TRaCKs and diRECtion.

But עלה GHaLayH fits smaller street, ALLEYS.

In Quechua (Inca) a narrow street or passageway is k’ikllu. For a real road or highway, see the DIRECTION post.
(Posterous has recent posts, and has them all).

Ayin-Lamed is more suited to an ALLEY, a smaller access road for pedestrians. Spanish calle (street) is a fine form of עלה [A]hLaH since the guttural Ayin, GH, is close to hard-C. Regina Werling of Germany, a superhighway of global word data, also offers “street” words with the Ayin-Lamed/GH-L reversed
like Kurdish kolan, Polish ulice and Romanian ulica.

Posted from the Canaan area of Sefad, where the streets have no signs. But one alley does.

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