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By Isaac Mozeson

The Methods of Babel-babble


The post today was in vivid colors for all the anatomical letters. But the colors are lost in email. Nonetheless, it is a useful introduction to Edenics to those who can use it:

EDENICS is about sound and sense—MUSIC and MEANING—in language. EDENIC (Proto-Semitic, best documented in Biblical Hebrew) was HARD-WIRED in the brain of man (since Eden). Its software design matches the hardware ANATOMY of Lips, Throat, Tooth Ridge, Nose, Tongue, and Whistling Air (to pronounce the letters/sounds).

Then, in Shinar (Sumer, referenced as the later Babel) a neuro-linguistic disturbance was the Big Bang of language dispersion. The single, species-wide human language program was diversified into 70 languages. The ongoing natural breakup of these languages, like Proto-Germanic, have now given us 6000 “languages” (really dialects), like English. Genesis 11 does not reveal the mechanics of the “confounding” of language at the TOWER OF BABEL, but global Edenicists are making great strides in analyzing the ensuing diversity.

First, there were immediate Sound-Based LETTER SHIFTS within 7 ANATOMICAL GROUPS. (Music’s 7 notes are do, ra, mi, fa, so, la and ti.)
? Interchangeable Voiceless Vowels: Aleph/any Cap Vowel & Sometime Vowels;
Hey/H; Vav/OO or OA; Yod/Y, J or eeY; Ayin/GH or bracketed [Cap Vowel] א ה ו י ע ? Interchangeable Bilabial Letters (LIPS) ב ו פ Bet/B, Bhet/BH or [V]; Vav/V or W; Pey/P; Phey/PH or F ? Interchangeable Guttural Letters (THROAT) ע ק ה ג ח כ Hey/H, Gimel/G or J, Het/[K]H or K[H], Kahf/K, Khaf/KH, Ayin/GH or bracketed [Cap Vowel], Koof/Q
? Interchangeable Dental Letters (TOOTH RIDGE)ד ט צ ת Dalet/D, Tet/DT, Tsadi/TS (always ST in European), Tahf/T, Thaf/TH ? Interchangeable Nasal Letters (NOSE) Mem/M, Noon/N מ נ ? Interchangeable Liquid Letters (ROLLING TONGUE) ל ר Lamed/L, Resh/R or WR
? Interchangeable Fricative/Sibilant Letters (WHISTLING) ז ס צ ש ת Zayin/Z, Samekh/$, Tsadi/TS, Sin/S, Shin/SH, Sahf/(S) (Sahf is a variant of Tahf)
EXAMPLES: ? Sometime VOWEL to Voiceless VOWEL YaGOAN to AGONY יגון ? LIPS BILABIAL SHIFT ABBa to PAPA אבא ? THROAT GUTTURAL SHIFT QeReN to HORN קרן ? TOOTH RIDGE DENTAL SHIFT AReTS to EARTH ארץ ? NOSE NASAL SHIFT IYLaN to ELM אילן ? ROLLING TONGUE LIQUID SHIFT [K]HOAR to HOLE חור ? WHISTLING FRICATIVE SHIFT SHaQeL to SCALE שקל Second, METATHESIS scrambled ROOT WORDS: positions 1-2-3 of ROOT LETTERS swapped places in traceable patterns, even Reversals. (Reversals are most common with two-letter root words.)
? DEGREE M132 (easiest) from DaRGaH (step, rank) דרגה
? WORD M231 from Da[V]aR (word) דבר ? BEAUTY M213 from TSiBHeeY (beautiful) צבי ? MERCY M312 from RaK[H]eM (mercy) רחם ? TERRA M321 (Reversal) from AReTS (earth) ארץ Third, during millennia of language corruption, survival of the easiest caused NASALIZATION (inserting extra Ns or Ms).
EXAMPLES: ? AND [O]aWD (furthermore) עוד ? SLING SHaLaK[H] (to send off, release, throw) שלח
? SWAMP $OOF (German sumpf, a marshy swamp, bog) סוף ? BRONZE BaRZeL (bronze, brass) ברזל With Edenics we can now know WHY words mean what they do.
Why is a Spanish firemen a bombero, and a French one a pompier? Because firemen PUMP water, and history’s first PIPE was the ABOOBH, אבוב (hollow reed). See NASALIZATION and BILABIAL SHIFTS above.

Languages everywhere are ultimately from Babel.
The migrating Native Americans "remembered" the Edenic word ן ח צ TSaK[H]aN (stink), scrambled a bit at Babel, when they encountered a black and white stinker. English got SKUNK from Native Americans.
To hear STINK or SCANDAL (a big stink),
apply metathesis M132 to TSaK[H]aN.

Edenicists apply fundamentals of Sound-Based LETTER SHIFTS, METATHESIS, and NASALIZATION to search for Edenic ROOTS.
Only a few hundred words are as simple as Japanese SaMuRai (the emperor’s royal guard) from SHOMeR שומר (guardian). The vast majority of words are as hard to get as: (1) English LONG from Edenic ARoaKH ארך (long)—the initial Aleph is dropped, the Resh shifts liquids to L, and an N is added (nasalization); or (2) English WORD (from German vort) from Edenic Da[V]aR דבר (word, thing)—where metathesis M231 and a bilabial shift are needed.


I got the idea when Serad's best printer couldn't make my two-sided color handout for Edenics presentations. He did do it in black-and-white.
Not as easily grasped, but worthwhile.

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--Edenics web games: Edenics videolectures and most recent book: THE ORIGIN OF SPEECHES. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn, Fr. or Ger. upgraded "intro to edenics"

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