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By Isaac Mozeson



MUSIC is MEANING, SOUND is SENSE. Sound is energy. Edenics is science, not mysticism. (Although true science is mystical, and true mysticism is scientific.)

Listen to the sound of breaking up. (Relax. I'm not talking about your cell phone or love life.)

Below are eleven related “breakers” with the same sequence of bilabial-liquid-guttural or lip-tongue-throat letters: 1) ברג BeReG. Preserved in Arabic, this cognate of BRACE and BRACKET now infers screw and bolt in Modern Hebrew. The corkscrew metal BREAKS through wood.
2) ברק BaRaQ. This is a bolt, FLICKER or broken line of lightning. Lightning is FORKED. See things that BRANCH out (a nasalized, extra N, form of BRK. See FORK.

3) ברח BeReK[H]. This is the knee, which BREAKS the length of the leg. (The verb from is in Genesis 24:11). How else will you PARK your camel? BRACHY- words are from Greek brachys (short), while the arm's BRACHIUM is the Latin source of may arm-like words. These include BRACE, BRACELET, BRACHIO- (prefix for arm words), BRACKET (if not from the Arabic term above), BRA(N)CH and BREECHES. PeReQ is a joint (bone).

4) פלג PeLeG. The FLOCK of words here includes BLOCK, BREAK, BRIGADE (see BRIGADE), FLAKE, FLUKE, FRACAS and PLUG. Consider that Genesis 10:25 may refer to the break up of earth's single land mass into continents; otherwise Peleg was named for the tribal BLOCKS that took shape and migrated apart in his era. The same Hebrew term is the "divide" of "divide their tongue" in Psalms 55:10. P’LooGaH is a division (II Chronicles 35:5). The IE “root” bhreg (to break) includes BRACKEN, BRAKE, BRAH, BRAY, BREACH, BRECCIA, FRACAS, FRACTION, FRAC¬TURE, FRAGILE, FRAIL, INFRACTION, INFRINGE, OSSIFRAGE, REFRACT, REFRAIN and SUFFRAGE. Eber, Noah’s great-grandson “פלג / PeLeG, for in his days was the Earth divided.” Before the Deluge initiated Continental Drift, crossing what would later be named The Bering Strait was a walk in the park. The BREAKUP of a stream into rivulets is at the ARCHIPELAGO entry.

5) פלח FeLaK[H] (piece, slice - I Samuel 30:12) is another FLAKE (see FLAKE), FRACTION or FRAGMENT word. 6)There is פלח PaLaK[H] or FaLa[K]H in Psalms 141:7. This word refers to the PLOUGHer in the neighboring farm or the FELLOW who PLOWs. 7) פלח PeLeK[]H (Nehemiah 3:9). This spacial break off or partition means a district or PAROCHIIAL PLACE. 8) פרח PeRaK[H] or FeRa[]KH. The BREAKING out here is the kind FRECKLES and PLAGUES might do. There's also the FLIGHT, spreading out and blossoming of birds, flora and FRA¬GRANCES. The budding sense comes from Genesis 40:10; spreading and "flourishing" is seen in Proverbs 14:11. Boils (perhaps bubonic plague) "breaks forth" in Exodus 9:9. אפרח EFRoaK[H] is a baby bird or FLEDGELING who breaks out of his shell; פרח PaRaK[H] is to blossom or flower. 9) פרכת PaRoKHeT. The curtain of Exodus 26:31, this space breaker or partition is pargodus in Latin, and is nasalized as firanka in Polish. כפרת KaPoReT (covering on the holy ark—Exodus 25:17) is a synonym by M231 metathesis in פרכת PaRoKHeT (the curtain before the holy of holies – Exodus 26:33). The Finish curtain, esirippu, is a metathesis of one of these, perhaps a reversal of כפרת KaPoRe(S). This curtain is a covering (see COVER), while the related curtain, like the next word, is curtain as space BREAKER.
Old Norse balkr (partition) is one of several terms attributed to IE “root” bhelg. Some of these include BALCONY, BALK, BULK, FULCRUM and PHALANX. 10) פרך PaRahKH. Appearing in Exodus 1:13, but more evident as a splitting word in Aramaic, it breaks up into English words like FLAKE, FLUKE and FREAK (see FREAK).

11) פרע Pey-Resh-Ayin, that’s 1) F or P, 2) R, and 3) vowel or GH guttural, means FREAKED OUT or unordered division, even in hair – see entries like FREAK, “FUR,” PILE,” (as in pile carpet)” and PERIWIG. 12) פרק PeReQ or PayRahQ (Genesis 27:40) The definitions of this word infer BREAKING OFF or PARKING in a text (a chapter) as well as removal words like FLECK, FLEECE, FLICK and PLUCK. Via IE “root” piek (to tear) one might add FLAY, FLESH, and FLETCH. פרק PeReQ is also a joint or crossroads. In living things this etymon (source word) is often nasalized (with an extra N or M) for various kinds of BRANCHES, like the BRONCHI leading to the right and left lung. More BRACES at entries like BREECHES and BRONCHITIS.

Posted from Sefad, where the music to end our theological break-up is loudest.

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