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By Isaac Mozeson

Tally Ho! Another mistake by King James' foxy Hebrew Bible translators


The King James Version (KJV) translators of the Hebrew Bible created a wonderful piece of English literature.
But NOT an accurate or adequate translation. All translation is slanted interpretation.
Multiply this by a thousandfold when dealing with a bunch of Brits out to transform this Jewish treasure-text into a Christian prologue. There are sweet, sincere fundamentalists who swear that the KJV crew were inspired, and as infallible as the Pope.

There are dozens of translation mistakes exposed by Edenics discoveries. These errors have been copied by publishers of Jewish English Bibles and Hebrew dictionaries, not just the many Christian follow-ups to the KJV.

Edenics is about celebrating our common ancestors, those who speke the language of Eden. So nothing too divisive or theological.

Today we take up an inoffensive example of how Englishmen will turn a Semitic jackal into a European fox.
JACKAL SHOOGH[A]L Shin-Vav-Ayin-Lamed
Shoe-GHAHL שועל [SH-G-L ? J-CK-L]

ROOTS: Traced only as far back as Turkish chaggal and the Indo-Aryan Persian shagal (jackal), with the O.E.D. first citing German schakal, this wild dog makes an appearance in Judges 15:4. Trouble is, King James' fox-hunting sportsmen translated Hebrew שועל
SHOOGH[A]hL it as a fox. Tally-ho! Samson captures many of these “foxes” to burn the Philistines fields. Foxes live in isolation, in small foxholes, and are in a mating pair once a season. It would have taken Samson months to capture several foxes.

The translation of “foxes” was poor, and based on the wild dogs that Europeans know from their forests. Middle-Eastern Jackals, on the contrary, are abundant in wild, non-forest terrain. They are highly social, and live in densly populated dens. One fearless Samson could capture 20 JACKALS in one foray.

Echoing the שועל SHOOGHAL is its שעל SHaGHaL (bark or couph). The canine’s SLOUCH and SLINK (see SLUG) may be seen in the related זחל ZaK[H]aL (creep) of this hunting creature padding on its שעל SHaGHaL paws. (The two terms share fricative-guttral-liquids, see SOLE).

BRANCHES: It appears that once again an animal name has too many global relatives not to have a pedigree with the nomenclature of Adam. Is there another reason for Sanskrit srgala, French and Portuguese chacal, or Italian sciacallo all inhabiting the same fricative-guttural-liquid den of wild dogs? The Uto-Aztecan dog, sari, has shifted from S-L to S-R. The Cherokee (Amerind) fox is tsutla. This will be a stronger form of the Edenic Shin-Lamed, once Edenicists discover more about the Cherokee T. The Bible scholars translate תן TahN as jackal. As תן Tahn applies to any wild canine, it may be related to the Australian DINGO. Tainokos is a dog for the Chiquitto of Boloivia. Japanese tanuki means fox, racoon-dog; Maya tsamak means fox; fox is
tsamao for the Araona speakers of the Bolivian Amazon . Turkish itin is a canine term. Reversing the M-T of MUTT (a mixed-breed dog) may reveal a TM variant of a TN Edenic etymon. MUTT is currently linked to the epithet "muttonhead."

“ Fox” itself is in a large canine entry, LOBO.

Posted from Sefad after a pause before our Sabbath table singing at dusk let us hear some high pitched yips and whines. My sister explained that these were jackals in the valley behind her building.

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