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By Isaac Mozeson

Some Things Are Better Ignored (like some initial-S's)


A [S]COOP is a CUP. The initial S is bogus. There is no ancient source for SCOOP. גביע GaBHeeY[A]h is a cup; כפית KahPeeYT is a spoon or ladle, and Man's first drinking CUP was the CUP of his hand, the כף KahPH (palm).

There are dozens more examples of non-historic initial S's preceding a guttural (throat-made) letter like hard-C, G, K and Q, in words over 3 consonents.

A SCARF is from ערף GHoRePH (neck). A [S]CISSors is for גזז GaZaZ (to shear, clip) [S]CRAPE, [S]CRIBE and [S]CRIPT are CARVE words.

A new one found today is SQUADRON. People with the E-Word CD Dict. could paste it in.

(S)QUADR(ON) GHayDeR Ayin- Dalet--Resh AID-ere__ _עדר _ [GH-D-R? (G)H-R-D]

ROOTS: SQUADRON or just SQUAD is thought to come from French esquadre , from Spanish escuadra, square (from the square shape of the formation).

A SQUADRON came to mean two or more divisions in the navy or cavalry, but the oldest definition is “ a multitude or HORDE.” Multitudes do not assemble in perfect squares; the dictionaries are fudging it once again.

The S before a guttural here is one of twenty examples (so far) where the S was added before the root. See the list at the SCOOP entry. For the naïve fundamentalists who cling to pre-Edenics etymology, see the QUARTER entry to see how the make believe “square” etymon is from Edenic anyway.

A SQUADRON is a HORDE, which is a HERD of humans.
עדר GHayDeR is a flock, herd or "drove" (Genesis 32:17).
A herd of humans is an עדה GHayDaH (assembly, congregation – Exodus 12:3). This covers the shorter SQUAD, if it isn’t just a clipped SQUADRON. BRANCHES: The cohesiveness of a “herd mentality” could help some sports teams, a squadra in Italian. More at HERD.

Posted from Sefad, where scenery cannot be ignored.

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