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By Isaac Mozeson

Holey Post


Facebook friend Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan wrote: "The word PERFORATED jumped off the page at me. Clearly, the meaning is much closer to the radical חרר [the Het-Resh source of HOLE, after a liquid or tongue shift]" ... but the sound is closer to פרר [the Pey-Resh source of FRAY and FRIABLE].

This post is remarkable because a) D2 is mistaken, and b) the American Heritage dictionary's make-believe Indo-Euro "root" , bher-2, correctly focuses perFORate on a bilabial-liquid or lip-tongue root of cuting, piercing or BORING. PER- is just a prefix, from Ayin-Bhet-Resh (OVER).

A BORE is a hole. Not the nudnik kind of BORE. The holey BORE is from בור BOAR (hole, pit).

Het-Resh (a hole) forms the sub-root in words where a hole is made. חרוץ [K]HaROOTS is a ditch or moat; חרט [K]HaRaDT is to engrave; חרש
[K]HoaRaiSH is to plow. (Remember that the HORSE is the plougher, and HEARSE used to be an elaborate plow.] Shifting liquids to חלל HaLaL. This means emptiness, so it is used to mean "outer space." HaLaL is the source of HOLLOW.
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