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By Isaac Mozeson

V I A D U C T ?


Vhy is a duck called a duck?
Vhy else? Because it ducks.
It bobs its head into the water to catch food.

Is head-bobbing a D-K word in Edenic?
Not exactly. But קדד QaDaD is a head bow.
Things got a tad mixed up with Babble-Babel.

I'll duck the DUCK entry, and go to my favorite color: TEAL.

TEAL TSaLaL TSadi-Lamed-Lamed
TSUL-UL_______צלל_____ _[T(S)-L-(L)]
ROOTS: From Middle English tele, a TEAL is a duck . צלל T(S)L aL (to dive, plungs, sink - Exodus 15:10) makes a fine etymon for a duck. Diving in the water, or ducking in it, is why ducks are called ducks.

The fricative-liquid opposite of צלל TSaLaL is סלל $aLaL (to raise up – Isaiah 62:10, see SLALOM.). (S.R. Hirsch).
The word for the “depths” of the water is more well known: מצולת MiTSOOLoaT (Exodus 15:5) -- the core root being Tsadi-Lamed.
שאול SH’OAL (Genesis 42:38) means “depth” to Harkavy; EDK has “etymology uncertain” for this word used for the grave, or underworld of tbe dead.

The SOLE of the foot is somehow linked past Latin solum (bottom) and to an Indo-European make believe “root” , sel-1, meaning “human settlement.”

Maybe the dictionary is saying that hell, or somewhere underfoot, is human settlement.

BRANCHES: Toloa is a duck in Proto-Polynesian (the granddaddy of Hawaiian and Samoan). The SEAL might be another diver from this (T)S-&L root. SHALLOW is a good S-L antonym for Tsadi-Lamed depths. For the Edenic source of SHALLOW (no IE “root”) see SH’OAL above.
שאול SH’OAL (depth) matches German Sohle, SOLE; bottom (of valley).

The color TEAL is the distinctive green-blue, also gray-blue, of males of several short-necked fresh water ducks. See DUCK and SOLE.

Posted within a bird's-eye view of the Kinneret/ Sea of Galilee.

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