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By Isaac Mozeson

We All Think in Edenic, But We ALL THINK DIFFERENTLY


בבה BOOBahH is a doll, a prized miniature . Hungarians got it right, as baba is their doll.
But languages like English use the word for a real live BABY.

פרק PeReQ is a FORK in the road, a joint or point of divergence. So prakak was the word the Basque use for pants.

שמיר SHaMeeYR is a diamond. But Germans use SMARagd to mean an emerald. (The sparkling name ESMERELDA is a missing link.)

לילה LaYLaH means night. But the Swahili word lala means SLEEP ( the nightime activity).
This sure explains LULLABY better than some sort of lull (interval). It's a night song.

So, with Edenics, you have seen letters slide around with both pronunciation and position in a word. Now, conider how MEANINGS change, as perceived by the different CULTURES (not mere languages) formed at the Tower of Babel.

Posted from the Middle East, where it is midnight already.

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