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By Isaac Mozeson

The BARD: More Prophet Than Entertainer


BARD wasn't barred, but tucked away cautiously in the WORD entry with דבר DaBeR (speak). 

Between the music (BRD had to come from DBR) and the meaning (I was thinking "poet and minstrel) I was reluctant to give BARD a separate entry in the Edenics wordbase/digital dictionary.

But then Regina Werling and Mark Feffer came up with new research to convince me.
I love being corrected. I guess that's why I never fit into academia.

BARD           Da[V]aR           Dalet-Bhet-Resh       

Dah-VAHR          דבר         [D-BH-RàBRD]

 ROOTS:  A BARD  became a word for any poet or singer, but the epithet for William Shakespeare is more appropriate since the historic BARD was a person of significant eloquence.  In the word’s ancient Proto-Celtic and Druid past, in forms like Celtic bardo, Welsh bard and Scottish and Irish Gaelic bard,  the BARD had religious significance. The Indo-European “root” of BARD  may look and sound strange, and have the usual unlikely “cognates,” but it is important that  gwere-3  means “to praise aloud.”

Similarly, דבר  DaBHaR, (word, thing – Genesis 11:1) does not initially appear to have religious significance.  But the loudly proclaimed ten statements (mistranslated “commandments”)  of  revealed law in Deuteronomy 4:13 are  דברים  DeBHaRiM.   The word WORD is synonymous with prophecy because the prophets often call their soon-to-be orated prophecy the  דבר  DaBHaR (word)  of the Lord.   Daled-Bhet-Resh/ D-BH-R means “speech” in Jeremiah 5:13, and a singing in Judges 5:10.

To get from DABHaR to BARD requires an M231 metathesis: 1) Bhet/BH, 2) Resh/R and 3) Dalet/D.   At the WORD entry you will see how Modern German Wort, or the older Yiddish vort (word) similarly came from  ד-ב-ר Dalet-Bhet-Resh.


BRANCHES:   The American Hedritage Dictionary lists the following cognates of BARD:  AGREE, CONGRATULATE, GRACE, GRATEFUL, GRATEFUL, GRATIS, GRATITUDE, GRATUITY, INGRATE and INGRATIATE.  More global cognates from  דבר  DaBHaR at WORD.




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