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By Isaac Mozeson

Music without Meaning doesn't MATTER


Happily, Edenicists interrpt my projects with important finds.

Mark Feffer rediscovered MATTER itsef.

MATTER is quantifiable substance.  The dictionaries guess that Latin material, "substance from which something is made,"  meant the “inner wood of a tree."   “MATTER” is compared to. Portuguese madeira, wood.  אמצע  EMTS[A]h EMTS  (middle) is also a mathematical concept, and a related Mem-dental term to our מ-ד  Mem-Daled family of measurement.

Old English metan (to measure out),  Latin metiri (to measure) and Greek metron (measure, rule, length, proportion) are the topsoil roots of words like METE, METER, MEDIATE, and MODE. 


The given Indo-European (IE) “root”s are me (to measure) and med (to take appropriate measures).  The deeper M-D or M-T Edenic roots include  מד  MahD (measure - Job 11:9)  and  מדה MeeDaH (measure, size, characteristic - Exodus 26:2).  אמצע  EMTS[A]h is the middle or MEAN, from Mem-Tsadi-Ayin  (middle)– in Aramaic and Syriac  


See entries like MODE for mathematical concepts like MODEL.


   2) We get another lift from Regina Werling: 

The oldest HOOF terms are Sanscrit capha and the I.E. kapho

 עקב [A]QaiBH is the heel (Genesis 25:26) or a hoof (Judges 5:22). כף  KahF is the palm of the hand or foot,

see CUFF.


The  עקב [A]hQaiBH  heel lifts the body.  German heben is to lift.  A Wagenhaber is the jack that lifts one’s  car.   (perhaps one's Volkswagon.) 


 Old English hebban is “to lift.”   It is the source of to HEAVE.  But the Amer. Heritage Dict.  wants HEAVE to be a cognate of “have” at the IE “root” kap (to grasp).   


 כף  KaPH, see above, is also the palm of the hand; חפן   K[H]aPHahN is the hollow of the hand.  Between Edenics and standard, Semitically-challenged  etymology, it is clear which one is foolishly stringing together words based on mere sound.

Posted  from Sefad. Noam Chomsky's attack dogs accused Edenics of letting mere similar sound dictate what is related. But it is The Old Word Order that is guilty of placing Music over Meaning.



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